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  1. This really sucks. I've spent alot of time listening to this album, and im very convinced its one of the best I've ever heard. And its such a shame that it will forever be clouded by hundreds of remasters and fan made versions. Not to discredit anyone who did the excellent of work of polishing out the album, its just such a disappointment that we'll never see an official version
  2. Id say I speak for everybody when I say this shit will never compare to Life Cycles or Deceiver, but I will say that his cleans sound great, and I like this sound more than the last 2 albums
  3. I think this song is much better than infinite. Although I will miss that classic Silverstein sound, I'm glad I can still vibe with it. And it's good to see Paul Marc get some vocal action again!
  4. Periphery IV: HAIL STAN That's all folks
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