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  1. The Devil Wears Prada for sure. Seeing them with Norma Jean and Gideon this week
  2. just bought tickets to see them with norma jean and gideon on wednesday in new york city. first time seeing them live after missing them back in 08. love this album and can't wait to mosh to it
  3. favorite tracks would be superhuman, pressure, and set fire. nothing great, but enjoyable
  4. not a great song, but pretty good in parts. the chorus is a decent grower but that breakdown really makes the song (even tho it's short). all in all pretty impressed with being able to construct this song in 5 days and without their guitarist
  5. can they go back to peripheral vision era? much after feeling is decent but that's all. very forgettable
  6. meh. he's too dramatic/upset for me and it starts to feel like being moody for the sake of staying moody. some songs are ok, but meh.
  7. aside from 'numbing agents' i didn't care for anything. nothing memorable/catchy and rather unimpressed with the instrumentals
  8. Netherplace was a surprisingly enjoyable instrumental listen best songs: views from the sun, nurture, the haze
  9. not a fan. songs are short and end before they really begin. beats are enjoyable but nothing to really take away from this interesting cuz it’s different but more strange than memorable
  10. just clicked on this cuz it's trending. never heard of this band but the embedded song is intriguing and these raving reviews have me sold
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