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  1. I love what Mick did. It's subtle, but it helps capture the vibe of everything. The vocals, the synths, the bridge before the breakdown, is crazy. I like the direction this is taking.
  2. Love it. Really catchy, can't wait to hear the rest from what I've heard of snippets on their socials. Definitely gonna add this to my play lists.
  3. He fucked himself though. He didn't meet deadlines, but he also didn't communicate with ID about him falling behind. They only found out a week before the promised release for pre-orders. Then they pushed it six weeks when he promised then 30 tracks, 2 hours of run-time. Gave them 12, barely an hour's runtime, where only two of them were the heavy metal tracks. ID's lead audio designer didn't have any stems to work with, he only had what Mick had already sent them, which was heavily compressed files. Mick agreed to let ID's audio team mix whatever he didn't get to do. It's a shame, sure, I'll happily say that mick isn't entirely the only one to blame. But he was the one not telling ID "hey, we won't ever be able to make it for release in time.", he didn't tell them what was going on, and they had to find out that he didn't like whaf ID's team had done through comments online. It's a shit show and both parties are to blame.
  4. Agreed. Danny is great and all, but it feels like his solo stuff has been out into the middle of it all. They should've found someone else after Denis left, not Danny. He already said he wasn't going to scream, and he's made that quite fucking obvious. Stepped Up had remixes that actually still made the songs great, like Celdweller's remix of A Lesson Never Learned, or Sol Invicto's remix of Morte El Dabo. It was decent, and that's what makes it different from this. This is everything but decent. Didn't even bother to gather all of the tracks they released since Self-titled.
  5. I tried to like this, I really did. But I just can't get around that horrendous autotune. They didn't even try to cover it up, and it's not like it's the first time they use it so they should know how to smoothen it out. This isn't a track made for that, and that's what ruins it. Such a shame. Still gonna look for the album, but so far I've been disappointed by 2/3 singles.
  6. Am I the only one that can't seem to download it?
  7. That's not necessarily a bad thing though? Narrative was a solid release. This has a lot of ties to the album, but it's still something else.
  8. Love the track. Has a very similar sound to their debut album, which really isn't a bad thing. Solid single. Can't wait for November 1st.
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