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  1. Hot Mulligan: Sounds like a creepy sex act. i'm in!!
  2. I just love her voice.. I wish she would start a new project or something..
  3. I dunno what this shit is, but these guys should not be alloweed to use Pearl Jam's name.
  4. Made my night!! Thank you!! just finished side A.. I'm digging it so far! Stab you in the heart is damn catchy! Classic Rock & Roll!!
  5. Hated the original. This is better but I still don't like it... They should stick to originals IMO..
  6. Digging Leave me alone track.. Gonna check this out. Thanks!
  7. This is just so bad... I don't even know what else to say
  8. I'm meh on this one.. Dont love it, dont hate it
  9. A true legend, each and every one of them.
  10. Thanks. I almost thought that was Aaron West singing there for a second...
  11. I have no idea what this is.. but it's freaking awesome!!
  12. Don't care what anyone says. I love Blink and this is awesome. Thank you!!
  13. Well Merry Xmas! The christmas songs on my playlist just doubed (Father Charistmas is a staple). Thanks!!
  14. I feel like this cover was made just for the commercial for Gears 5.. Reminds me of this: watch til 25 seconds in...
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