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  1. I thought it sounded familiar as well.. Been so long that I heard anything from Blondie that I would have never guesssed it..
  2. Ben Rector?? Damn near killer her! I'll show myself out.
  3. Mxpx... Now that's a name I havent heard in a while.. I used to love Chick Magnet
  4. Catchy.. Vocalist is good too.. Thumbs up!! Thanks!
  5. Not as good as the last 2 tracks, but still good. Thanks!
  6. Ok, this has gotten out of hand. My original quote was about how Trump got a lot of votes. Basically making the corelation between a lot of stupid people voting for Trump and stupid people who watched the 69 video.. aka: doing something stupid. (I know.. it's a dumb joke) I understood what NieR:Automata was saying but he was wrong in what he said. 69 IS a public figure. No, he's not doing anywhere close the damage as Trump, but I wonder how much influence a person like 69 has on the youth who admire him and want to be him? And I dont think we have higher standards for musicians or athletes.. I think people care more about them than politicians so it gets more of the spotlight. And that's a real problem. It really annoys me that paparazzi is a profession or that TMZ exists. It's all garbage for garbage minds..
  7. - he's not doing anything wrong - he's not harming society in any way I mean outside of having sex with a 13 year old, filming it and putting it on the internet? weapons charges? armed robery? conspiracy to comit murder? other violent acts? And snitching just to save his own ass instead of doing the time he deserves? Yea.. model fucking citizen.
  8. Thanks for making my point! There are stupid followers to idiots everwhere!
  9. Trump got 14 million votes so those number check out..
  10. Is there a generic template that these guys use for album covers? Lamborghini Countach? check... Sunset? check... Palm Trees? check... Neon colors? check...
  11. I thought it was Last Contrail
  12. Thank you! Are we gonna start getting these for other genres Like for Punk/Pop Punk? Thanks!
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