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  1. A few months late but I wanted to thank you. I checked out these guys per your recommendation and just love em! You ain't no saint is still on one of my playlists after adding it over 4 months ago. Just sign the papers is another personal favorite. Just amazing stuff. Not my type of music either but man. just so damn good! Can't thank you enough
  2. Peppa Pig is a sellout now. A total corporate shill. I heard she doesn't even write her own stuff anymore.
  3. Had never heard these guys before. Loving them. Thanks!
  4. I'm digging this! Can't wait for the album. Thanks!!
  5. Simply Red standing by....
  6. Been done. My dick, rumble in the jungle Your dick got touched by your uncle
  7. Never heard these guys before. Digging this track Thanks!!
  8. Love these guys!! Stumbled across the album last week and submitted here
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