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  1. He has such an awesome rap voice.. Too bad the music and lyrics are total garbage.
  2. This is the same band that did Dial Tones & Cheap Shots and Setbacks?? Hmmmmm
  3. Awesome. Painkiller weather is such a killer track. can't wait to hear this version.
  4. Thank you!! Not digging Quarry at all, tho it's at least short. Empty house is the only track that doesn't do much for me. The rest of the album is pretty solid. Loving Sonderlan, Telling Stories & Pushing Daisies. When you know is still my favorite on the album.
  5. Nice cover.. One of my fave GNR songs.
  6. This trend is really fucking annoying. I get releasing one single... maybe 2. But doing 4-5 tracks before the album is released is just stupid. It's taking it's page form the movie industry.. Here's a sneak peak at the movie poster and now, here's the pre-trailer, the teaser trailer, now heres trailer #1, trailer #2 and trailer#3.. Any single one of these things builds my interest. All of them lowers it. Just fucking release the album (or movie). Anyways, this is a great track. Thanks for the upload!!!
  7. I like these guys but not feeling this track. Thanks tho!
  8. Someboy buy that boy a watch... Oh wait.. nm
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