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  1. Hey youuuu...youre a starrrr 😎✨✨✨✨🥰 Good quality 💖
  2. Dream pop? Synth Pop ? Pop is trash not music. Steals New Wave And New Romantic sound and said that is a "new stile". America music industry is hell.
  3. Jajajajaaj im very strange about my own opinions
  4. I know new wave,new romantics....but sinth pop ? What is that ? She got excelents influences. I dont understand her moment now... But the way she showed at paramore i can understand. She loves her own Crisis. We dont need die for art.
  5. In Paramore she was so much real and sincere. But now seems like she wants some $$$ or fame for fake feminism wave. Halestorm do that without turn off her guitars 😎
  6. Hayley .... forgot about herself. And now she makes songs for immature girls. (My opinion)
  7. I really love latino music references. The mars volta vibes.
  8. Peoples sucks in this comunity. Af. Post dont kill nobody.
  9. Murakami taking his beatifull art to this trash. Why ?
  10. Modern Church Crisis.
  11. This album is for who listen COLD with your a magical type of music like Deftones Or Starset. Immersive rock ... All this came from "Shoegaze". Sorry for my english im latino.
  12. Sorry APC - Eat The Elephant is better.
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