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  1. Industrial Metal? Signed to Relapse Records?????????? This better be good!
  2. Temple Of Knowledge > anything else Kataklysm has released in their career. But with saying that, I do look forward to giving this a spin. Modern day Kataklysm is pretty solid, even if it doesn't make me lose my shit like back when they had Sylvain Houde doing vocals.
  3. Amazing in every way. Was a bit worried this album wasn't going to click right away with how much I've listened to Fault since I got into Alpha Wolf last year, but that, thankfully, wasn't the case. This shit is easily top five material and going to be my new musical crack, peak Alpha Wolf material here. This band helps me the most with battling with demons and what I'm going through with life currently, I'm always thankful they exist and for the amazing music they make. I have nothing, but love and respect for these dudes and will continue to do so. I mean, goddamn, I love everything about this album, but outside of the singles, I have to go with "Acid Romance" and "The Mind Bends To A Will Of Its Own" as my favorites here. "The Mind Bends To A Will Of Its Own" fucked me up as much as "Rot In Pieces" did, that shit goes HARD.
  4. The artwork here currently is what I'm going to look like when going through this album today. It is Deftones, after all.
  5. One of my favorite bands of recent years. If this isn't amazing, top ten material, then life truly has screwed me over. Alas though, it's going to be amazing, top ten material. LET'S FUCKING DO THIS!
  6. Not sure where I've been the last few weeks, but this kicks ass. I'm super picky with Melodic Death Metal nowadays, but these dudes still seem to be making some excellent material. Happy to see they're back together!
  7. That was fucking amazing. They were not joking when they said it was one of their heaviest songs, goddamn. I can't wait to hear this in the quality it should be on Thursday. This album, at this point, is going to dethrone Fault as my favorite Nu-Metalcore release. I can't fucking believe it.
  8. My new aoty for 2018. Step aside Denzel Curry.
  9. Top notch censorship, lol. "Midget Fucker" and "Ditch Full Of Bitches" has to be some of the best song titles I've read all year. Shame it's not "DichES Full Of Bitches" tho.
  10. You clearly don't give a fuck about proper grammar either.
  11. Along with Glassjaw's Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence, this is my favorite Post-Hardcore album ever. Perfection from beginning to end. This album was easily the most listened to thing in my life over a decade ago when I was in a dark place after graduating high school. It helped me so much to get through it and while it's an album I can still listen to without problem, there are times I get choked up going through it, especially with songs like "Autobiography Of A Nation" and "Cross Out The Eyes." Seeing Thursday last year play this album and War All The Time in full over two nights was not only amazing, but truly a reflection of how much has changed in my life for the better in the last decade. I'm always thankful that Thursday came into existence and into my life. It's sad they stopped making music almost a decade ago now, but they left behind such brilliant music that most bands will never make in their lifetime. /coolstorybro This album is simply essential listening, even if Post-Hardcore isn't your most favorite style of music, because Thursday are more than just Post-Hardcore. They're just a brilliant band in general, enough fucking said.
  12. It's always nice to see nostalgia albums for peeps still getting praise even today. I'll grab this for that and the fact "Car Underwater" was such a banger back in the day.
  13. Was going to say "Damn, this band just doesn't stop," but remembered this is off of Amplifier Worship. Guessing they're going to put out a remaster of this album soon? Also, FROG TITTIES.
  14. Listen to this gentleman right here, amazing album.
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