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  1. My dude, Yppah, coming in with another good album of very chill, Shoegaze-y Trip-Hop. Those who haven't listened to his dude before absolutely needs to listen to his debut album, You Are Beautiful At All Times. Brilliant from beginning to end with beautiful, catchy hooks and lush, organic use of instruments.
  2. Who needs Born Of Osiris, Dance Gavin Dance, Power Trip, Silent Planet, The Acacia Strain, etc. when this masterpiece exists. I bet none of the guitarists of these bands can play "Headstrong" with its extreme difficulty.
  3. Groovier and heavier than what I'm usually used to from Haken, I love it. Easily one of Progressive Metal/Rock's best bands in modern times.
  5. Groovy as fuck jam. Need to stop sleeping on this band, this is the shit that I love.
  6. Glad they boost the bass for this cover, those basslines are what I loved about the original Yes song in the first place.
  7. One of the best Black Metal experiences I've listened to in a while. Definitely a atmospheric, heavy and intense trip into space. And yes, that last song is, in fact, a Killing Joke cover. Quite a good one too.
  8. If you think Counterparts are "bottom of the barrel trash," you really must not know much about music, let alone, the Metalcore genre. As a fan of them, I can get why people would criticize them for not progressing and maybe even sounding samey in places (I'm pretty sure August Burns Red gets the same shit too), but bottom of the barrel trash? I could list tons of the horrible Metalcore bands I've came across over the years and they'll make Counterparts sound like the best band to come out of the genre in comparison. No need to be over-the-top, if you don't like Counterparts, I think that's just fine.
  9. It's a good album, as I would expect from them, but it's becoming more clear that Violet and Walking With Strangers will always be their finest work. "Enter" and "Last Goodbye" are fantastic.
  10. Melodic Death Metal's most consistent band for a reason. But while I say that, this album is the best they've done since Ritual. Has more riffs I find memorable throughout.
  11. My bad, with the thread being about bands that haven't made music in a while, I misread your post. Also, I wouldn't be mad if Portishead made one more album before disappearing forever.
  12. Riffs upon riffs upon riffs upon riffs upon riffs upon riffs. Some of the most impressive Death Metal I've heard recently. Need to check out this new album come June. Not surprised they're on Unique Leader at all.
  13. No matter how many times I listen to this song, the chorus just fucks me up to the point of tears. This album has potential at being one of the best to come out this year. Maybe even Make Them Suffer at their best.
  14. I agree, what happened to the good old days of taking Metallica and Pantera songs to turn them into midis? Only true 90s kids will understand.
  15. Not sure how I feel about this album on the first go around. Drastically different from his Against All Logic project from last month, which I respect, but this feels very in the background with some big highlights thrown in at places. Won't write it off just yet, as those highlights make me want to come back and give this some time to set in. Perhaps I should go back and listen to Sirens more too.
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