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  1. Uneven Structure artwork tends to be gorgeous, especially Februus and rerecorded 8. Matches their absolutely gorgeous music.
  2. Anything, but trash. And this is coming from someone who doesn't care much at all about what's being passed as "Post-Hardcore" nowadays.
  3. That album cover is so pretty (you know me with cityscapes and neon colors). And Math/Progressive Rock too? Definitely a priority to listen to this week. Hope I enjoy it as much as everyone else in this thread does.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone has watched it already, but here's the music video. Not sure if it's truly a one shot take with all the effects in it, but you rarely see that with music videos nowadays, so I thought it was cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NBFLRcmJ5o Fucking awesome song, and that "MAN IS THE CANCER" breakdown hits hard. Seriously can't wait for this album to drop this week.
  5. This will hold me off until the new Acacia Strain album drops. Like most people have said here, this shit is pretty moshtastic, even the Deftones-like songs were good.
  6. Super fucking catchy and fun. It's only 12 minutes, but there's so many change ups and their sound is just so fresh in a way (or, at least, to me). Wasn't expecting to enjoy something tagged as Metalcore/Pop Punk so much, even though, they don't sound like your average Metalcore/Pop Punk band. And "Prick" put the biggest grin on my face. Great way to end the EP.
  7. Honestly, I probably would have missed this album just like I did with La Partition (corrected this since) if it wasn't for the release calendar on here. I guess because Djent isn't really a popular word now like it was back when Februus came out, people just don't pay attention to bands like Uneven Structure nowadays, only if you've established yourself to be bigger than the term Djent, like Meshuggah, Periphery and such. Oh well, I enjoyed this album quite a bit! It's not quite as massive as Februus, in both production and songwriting, but it does have enough to grab the listener with sweet grooves and awesome vocal performances. This band has come so far since their 8 EP, let alone, it's nice they seem to be releasing music on a more regular schedule now.
  8. Fronterier's Unloved pretty much made me its bitch and made me happy that while Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza sadly aren't around anymore, I can still have high quality sounds of a cat fucking itself with chainsaw... Multiple chainsaws when it comes to all three of these bands. Now, why did it take me so long to listen to Sectioned when I'm already into Fronterier? I have no answer for that. I'm just happy to have finally fixed it!
  9. Music is pretty awesome, getting some Impulse/Augment Erra vibes, which is a big plus. Just wish the production was better. Suffers a bit from the loudness war, sadly.
  10. This album gets a big "YES" from me. Consistently beautiful, heavy and moving. Consider me impressed, even surprised at how good this album turned out. "Spitting Lies"
  11. Listened to this album finally for the first time this morning. Now, nothing sounds heavy to me anymore, my face disintegrated and my house is on fire. Fuck.
  12. Fucking Dhl. I bet you a boy toy wouldn't ride Frank like that if he just took a Lyft either.
  13. Honestly, I'm very disappointed with this release. The thread starter obviously doesn't know the demographic of Kingdom Leaks, who would be more interested in dead/shit memes, Tide pods and vaping gadgets. Not bad, but still: bongs, just like play-to-win websites and sex chatrooms, are so 2009. Still, I'll give it a 420 out of 10 for the effort.
  14. Goddamn Franky, you know how to pull on my heart strings with that angelic voice of yours.
  15. Just as the title says: This album is an evolutionary, refreshing and just all out amazing Punk classic. This album is filled with bangers from beginning to end with the most interesting, tight and well played songwriting in the genre. If you're into any sort of Hardcore and don't have this album yet in your collection... What the fuck? Correct that shit now! Also, by the way... CAN I SCREAM!?
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