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  1. Good melodic jam, even if it doesn't quite grab me like the other singles have. This album is so far up the hype list, I seriously hope it delivers.
  2. Pretty fucking brutal. Instrumentation has a bit of that Demilich groove to it. I dig.
  3. Makes me happy with how successful this album turned out. Love Static-X, easily one of my favorite bands, and they dropped a highly replayable, well done tribute to Wayne. Even love how some of the heaviest tracks they've made are on here too ("Terminator Oscillator," "My Destruction," "Otsego Placebo..."). Band truly did this out of love and with so much chemistry. Sounds as if Wayne is still here today, making these tracks with them. Can't wait for Vol. 2 now, really made my week with how awesome this album turned out with all of the shit events that have happened to Static-X throughout the years and all of the rough criticism they would get for their music. Truly a redemption arc in the making.
  4. Groovy motherfucking beast. Makes me more excited for the new album than "Breaking The Mirror" did, which was a fine song too.
  5. Loved both of these songs. Something about heavy af and melodic Crystal Lake have so much magic to them. I haven't been able to get the chorus from "Watch Me Burn" out of my head since.
  6. Thought June was going to be a battle between Currents and Make Them Suffer for my favorite album of the month, both of which were absolutely stellar. However, I didn't know a plot twist would be thrown in with Hum's first new album in twenty-two years, Intel, being surprise released. Amazing album, the atmosphere and riffs are MASSIVE. AS. FUCK. Honestly, if it wasn't for Loathe, I would say it's my favorite album of the year so far, that's how brilliant it is. Easily can be compared to their other masterpieces, You'd Prefer An Astronaut and Downward Is Heavenward. Or maybe I'm just a boomer fuck? I am turning 29 on Monday, after all...
  7. That is some fucking awesome artwork. Saw it on my Twitter feed a while ago, didn't know it was for a band.
  8. These last few singles have been so fucking good. I need a new album already!
  9. I love Depeche Mode. I like Failure. This cover is quite nice.
  10. When Sundowning came out last year, I enjoyed it a bit, but thought there were flaws that stood out, like how some songs didn't hit as hard as others and the vocalist sounding off at times. Listening to this album more finally and it's a very emotional, amazingly touching journey. Often at times, I just get overwhelmed as fuck by songs, like "The Night Does Not Belong To God" and "Higher." Almost like a goddamn religious experience. Just something about this band brings these massive feels in songs that you don't quite get anywhere else and it makes sense, because their sound is very refreshing. It has the perfect balance ambiance and heaviness. The vocalist definitely is a big reason why this band shines and I love his set of vocal deliveries he brings to songs. I really look forward to what this band does next, they already killing it on their debut. Also, does anyone else hear Deftones' "When Girls Telephone Boys" in "Gods?" Got the same exact rhythm patterns, which I don't mind.
  11. Love when Hum breaks out the meaty, Helmet-esque grooves. "In The Den" and "Step Into You" are straight up bangers.
  12. Aoty 2020 So Far: Loathe - I Let It In And It Took Everything Epoty 2020 So Far: Dealer - Saint Other Contenders: Currents - The Way It Ends Hum - Inlet Igorrr - Spirituality And Distortion Lorna Shore - Immortal Make Them Suffer - How To Survive A Funeral Ocean Grove - Flip Phone Fantasy Reflections - Willow Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 4 Viscera - Obsidian
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