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  1. Pretty good debut album, but I always thought Sehnsucht and Mutter had stronger songs. Weird seeing the artwork without the flower in the background, lol.
  3. Not sure what you know already, but: Darke Complex - Widow/Point Oblivion Dealer - Soul Burn/Saint Diamond Construct - Self-Titled/Dcx2 God Complex - Created Sick Loathe - The Cold Sun Lotus Eater - Social Hazard Sworn In - The Death Card The Gloom In The Corner - Flesh & Bones Vein - Errorzone Void Of Vision - Hyperdaze Should scratch the Downtempo/Nu-Metalcore itch.
  4. Loved Kingdom Leaks ever since discovering it in 2017 (a few years late to the party, yes) and has been my go-to website for new music since. Been part of community for only a year now and met some wonderful people along the way as well. Very sad to see such a legendary, successful website close its doors when the new year hits. I hope everyone that has been involved with this website is proud of how far it has come. At least the Kingdom Leaks Discord will still exist. Happy the website's memory will not completely go away after this is all done. Rip.
  5. Guitars are the only real instruments to have existed. You don't hear a drum machine in a Beatles song now, do ya? Checkmate, libtards.
  6. I remember this album being pretty solid. Doesn't this band have the previous vocalist of Intervals and Raunchy?
  7. Have these kidz covered any Rammstein yet?
  8. Being signed to Sharp Tone now better get this band more recognition. Some of the most fun breakdowns and grooves I've heard in a Metalcore album this year. "Upset / Unfed" and title track be the motherfucking jams.
  9. This album is just slaptastic from song to song. May not go as hard as Widow, but goddamn, this shit still goes hard, nonetheless. Shame the band went separate ways after killing it on their EP and LP, but "Marking Targets" and "Cold Blooded" makes me excited for what's next with Vincente Void's solo career. Dude has so much energy as a vocalist, it's insane.
  10. Ok, but did anyone notice the fact that the grim reaper is literally shitting out planets and stars from its ass in the artwork?
  11. Holy fucking trees with dicks, can we just get their debut album already? Please let it be a 2021 release.
  12. Listening to this song makes me remember why I love these guys, but can't get much into Pop Punk in general. So exciting and surprising, let alone, so perfectly executed. Love that I don't know what to expect from them nowadays, but know it will work out after listening in the end. Awesome Trip-Hop vibes this song has. So ready for this EP!
  13. Not many songs this year bang as hard as these four gems. Some of the biggest fucking grooves you'll hear in 2020. No matter how many times I listen to it, "Psychosis" makes me lose my shit every. Single. Time. Makes me so excited for the future of this band, they're just going to be releasing straight heat.
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