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  1. Of Malice And The Magnum Heart and Controller pretty much summarize all the best qualities that Metalcore has to offer. But of course, Mirrors and Absent Light do slap as well. This band is just all around excellent. I'm hoping there will be a new album from them one day... One day SOON.
  2. I can understand why someone would not like Lorna Shore, being very over-the-top and technical with their songwriting, but they're far and away from being "generic." If you want "generic" Deathcore, go listen to the hundreds of bands in the genre that play breakdowns with little and no actual Death Metal in their formula. Even if you don't like this band, at least respect the fact they're not the problem with the genre and actually sound like they're trying to create something epic and special within the genre (which I think they're actually doing). Anyways, like others, I'm going to wait it out for 320. Just like Cattle Decapitation's Death Atlas, seeing all the praise and the wait is going to kill me on the inside little by little, but that's ok. It's going to be worth it in the end.
  3. Absolutely adore this on first listen. Lots of variety between atmospheric and intense sections made this so engaging. Still can't get over how beautiful "Rhythm" is either, which is easily my favorite song so far on here. Will have to see how this album stacks up against A Dead Sinking Story and Insomiac Doze with time, but it could be my favorite album from Envy so far.
  4. @Juandissimo Did you like this pretty high quality song?
  5. @DekinhoDesu You know what to do. This album is going to be amazing.
  6. Saw this band open up for Katatonia and Minus The Bear in the past and loved both sets. Not sure why I haven't checked them out yet, but seeing all this praise in here makes me hyped!
  7. This and Paragon were some mighty tasty Thall last year. Sadly overlooked, but I guess that was bound to happen.
  8. Pretty harsh to be honest, but I'm sure this mix is an improvement from the original, either way. Original is fine though.
  9. Fucking massive song! The atmosphere and riffs are just out of this world... But I guess that is implied by the album art and song title pretty well.
  10. Sadly only listened to Sunset Mission and Black Earth, but I stand with this post, nonetheless. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore are fucking neat. Jazz that is just doom and gloom, really sets the mood right at night. It's so cool that these guys were influenced by Autopsy and Black Sabbath as you can hear it in their sound, even without the Metal. A band that's worth checking out, if you haven't and love Metal, as this is as "heavy" and "Metal" as Jazz gets.
  11. Sad to say, but I still have to listen to those first two Annihilator albums, but I'll keep this one in mind. Thanks, as always!
  12. Been years since last seeing Abysmal Dawn's name. Their riff game hasn't left though, that's for sure. Good song. They sure know how to make those delicious Monstrosity-like riffs.
  13. I really liked this. New album might be able to go against Gnosis, which is still my favorite Monuments album.
  14. Not bad at all. Saw their name in the past when they were active before, but never got to an album. Perhaps I need to change this.
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