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  1. These guys reminds me a lot of Joy Divsion. Great tunes!
  2. 70s Classic Rock vibes. Love it!
  3. i need more Macbook procore! Mooooore cooooore!
  4. Sounds great! 320 tomorrow?
  5. Too bad if it's really a joke, but what can you do. :P BTW this is supposed to be a new one from Limp Bizkit: ...but i don't think so!
  6. Yeah i know, but Fred told in a video, that he has hide the complete album online to download.
  7. Hello fellas, i know it's a stupid question, but was the album "Stampede of the Disco Elephants" ever found or was it just a joke when Fred Durst told it in a video, the album has leaked? Nobody has found it and I didn't find it either. Best regards Erwin
  8. Holy shiiiiiiiit! Damn! So good!
  9. Solid work, but to be honest, practice singing ;). The rest is dope!
  10. Uuuuh, that's awesome. I hear Static-X vibes - Nu Metal is still alive and i enjoy it!
  11. Sounds pretty, but this is not "Alt Metal" or someone else. That's more like neo-classical with a little bit of post-industrial and ambient influence. Perfect for chillout the corona crisis. Edit: Ambience and electronic sounds better!
  12. Completely wrong genres! That's more Melodic Hardcore. ;)
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