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  1. Congratulations dude! So glad I found this site a few years ago; thanks for everything you guys do and everything you post! Love it so much that after I lost the password to my first account, I added a '1' on the end of the name and came back
  2. In all seriousness here...whether you think this album is bad or not (specifically compared to other Trapt stuff, not in comparison to other music in general) is going to be driven by what sound you prefer. If you are looking for the more aggressive Trapt...not a chance. Going to be complete garbage. To me, I think it's super boring. Despite the singer being a total dbag, I decided to listen anyway because I figured there would be a few decent tracks. Everything sounds like a ballad. Hold and Be Held, Save Your Soul, Far Enough Away, Let Me Down Slowly...all the same crap. Forget 2002 - if you are hoping to hear something like Disconnected, Who's Going Home With You Tonight?, Stand Up...even End of My Rope. Not gonna happen. This is a snoozefest if you want something with some aggressiveness behind it. (and it isn't simply growth in musical styles, because they were making songs with some grit for years after their self-titled). The irony is that the braintrust of a singer was going after everyone on Twitter who posted a negative comment, including the one guy who said that Headstrong was a pop rock song. Meanwhile, the band just released an entire album that is basically just that.
  3. Most of the new rappers are making money from hype and not talent. Unfortunately, this is no exception (see: comments on the 1:43 YouTube video of embedded link instead of the link in this post that has 3 minutes of random dialogue). Personally, I would listen to Polo G if you are looking for a new artist who became popular in the last few years.
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