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  1. I thought he was dead. It sounds good, for a person who apparently went into witness protection because nobody could find his ass (jk on that) but it sounds like an updated version of what he used to do. Maybe with more of a trap influence
  2. Hello, peeps. I'm alive and kickin! Hope everyone's doing well

  3. Well, shoot. I'm short on cash rn. Thanks for telling me though! I'll be getting paid soon, and maybe I can donate.
  4. @Summers Oh diddly dang, wait. You have to give money to fill requests.
  5. Thank you both! I'll look into requests. I can't be a provider yet, I just joined yesterday. I'll keep it on the back burner though, and when the time comes, I'll apply for sure.
  6. So... How do I upload a discography? Or how do I earn being able to upload one? I really want to start giving back to this community, but I'm not sure how I can. I've not got a reliable source of unreleased albums, but I have TONS of music that's already been released. Let me know what steps I need to take.
  7. Outta here for today, keep it real, my dudes.

  8. I gotcha. To be fair, some of their songs (A good portion) are bops.
  9. Haha, everyone gets like that, I get that. Thanks, pal. Can't wait for the best with you as well!
  10. Understandable, have a nice day. I get that. If there's ever a time where you guys want a discussion like that, I'm up for it.
  11. You know, that makes a lot more sense. I'm a goofy goober.
  12. Fair enough, dude. Keep on keepin' on.
  13. I mean, I'm not only into Hip-Hop/Rap. I enjoy pretty much all types of music. I'm also not here to preach about the glory of Rap and how all other music is inferior. Just curious.
  14. Fair enough. I like X, but I got all his stuff already. I agree with you, that's some cancer right there. Thanks for the lil tour, pal.
  15. This man's album cover looks like a meme and I'm dying. The music is good though. Favorite Track: Today
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