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  1. She got the same haircut as some kid I went to second grade with
  2. This is fucking gnarly. Really liked Jake but definitely preferred James, so this was a nice surprise. also dig that his first line in the song is “did you miss me?” wonder if Livealie is still gonna be a thing now?
  3. Damn was hoping for an album but I’ll take this too. Hopefully they follow LMTF and we get 3 song EP this year and full length next year
  4. Holy fuck, Loathe might have some AOTY competition for me jesus
  5. They also released 3 albums + an EP through Hopeless so they probably fulfilled their contract and decided to not resign to them
  6. Lochie was always a much better human being than Aiden, but this just solidifies him as a much better vocalist now. AW is gonna reach their peak with this album
  7. The GOATs in the pop punk scene right now this albums fucks so hard
  8. Loving all three singles so far. Picking an AOTY is gonna be tough as fuck. Loathe still holds the crown for me though but this, Knuckle Puck, Alpha Wolf, Kingdom of Giants, Chamber and LMTF all seem to be coming for it
  9. This is actually pretty great but unfortunately nowhere near AOTY or Top 10 for that matter.
  10. Knuckle Puck are the GOATS of the pop punk scene right now
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