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  1. If I’m not mistaken Foolish Believer came out back when they signed to SharpTone. Still super stoked for this new track though
  2. That edit is the equivalent of putting in the lose 5 stars cheat from GTA
  3. This is the fourth reminder they’ve given me now that I don’t have to ever bother listening to anything past Reckless & Relentless. Like I was jamming Dear Insanity at work today and hearing this shit makes me genuinely upset. And here I was thinking nobody could flunk harder this year than that stinker that Telle and the Telle Smith band put out.
  4. Slaughter’s best song to date in my opinion. Can’t wait to finally bench press houses to this.
  5. The fucking song names alone tell me how bad this record is
  6. Deadass was just thinking about this band yesterday and wondering when pt III was coming
  7. They will always be the “Bring Me to Life” band to me just how like Trapt is the “Headstrong” band and Saliva is the “Click Click Boom” band
  8. When does the album come out though so I can listen to that dope ass breakbeat intro to Worldwide Suicide
  9. Highly recommend this band to anyone with a good taste in music
  10. Finally, song of the millennium. Deleted everything else in my music library to make room for this.
  11. Cause he lost all his fame and traction from being a one hit wonder. Forgot Lil Pump was even a thing going into 2018.
  12. Please tell me that June 5th is an album release date or a placeholder 😢 don’t wanna wait 3 goddamn months just to hear a better quality version of this song
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