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  1. The GOATs in the pop punk scene right now this albums fucks so hard
  2. Loving all three singles so far. Picking an AOTY is gonna be tough as fuck. Loathe still holds the crown for me though but this, Knuckle Puck, Alpha Wolf, Kingdom of Giants, Chamber and LMTF all seem to be coming for it
  3. This is actually pretty great but unfortunately nowhere near AOTY or Top 10 for that matter.
  4. Knuckle Puck are the GOATS of the pop punk scene right now
  5. KP really be out here proving that they the best modern pop punk band
  6. I cannot get into Billie’s music to save my life despite multiple attempts. Here’s to hoping this is the track that hooks me
  7. Why does the lead singer of this band look like Gibby from Icarly going thru a midlife crisis
  8. Don’t know if this is a trash take or not but: after listening to this single I can 100% day without a doubt that this lineup is peak Chelsea Grin
  9. It’s about goddamn time very well worth the wait though
  10. Fair enough, that’s kinda the only way I was able to enjoy Death Grips music. Them, these guys and other music like it kinda just gives my old ass a headache these days. Genuinely not trying to be an asshole either.
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