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  1. Easily my favourite single out of all of them, this song is awesome
  2. Maybe if 90% of the lyrics weren't "pussy"... Maybe then, just maybe, this would be something cool and tolerable. This is literally Amy Schumer level.
  3. I literally have the biggest smile on my face right now. To hear an album this beautiful and good from a band I grew up with after half a decade of absence... I'm so happy right now, I'm actually crying lmao.
  4. And who exactly are you to dictate whether a song is good or not? Just because you don't like it that doesn't make it bad my guy. That's just your opinion, and mine is that it's a good song. It's not for everyone, everyone likes different things. Music is subjective for a reason.
  5. LET'S FUCKING GO DUDE! Finally! Can't wait for the full release!
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