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  1. I honestly loved the Carti feature but I understand and support his/their decision to have it removed 100%, it didn't really fit the album and Carti was already stealing the spotlight, like 90% of discussion on a site like rateyourmusic was about his verse and it was really annoying
  2. come on, the only 2 songs that are corrupted were two of the singles, Violence you can find on here and Boylife you can take like 2 seconds to convert off Youtube or something lol, nothing else feels like they end abruptly while we're at it, I went from "these have to be demos or something" to absolutely loving the shit out of 90+% of the album in about 5 listens and after spinning it religiously over more than a week now, I'm confident in saying that he fucking did it again, Butterfly Paralyzed shouldn't have made the cut but without that and with the tracklist slightly rearranged this album is fucking perfect
  3. Everything leading up to this album has been phenomenal. Boylife in EU is an anthem, VIolence was insanely well paced and slick as fuck, and this is earworm euphoria. So excited for this record.
  4. this is fucking amazing, I wonder how the final version will turn out
  5. I'm hoping for this to be as atmospheric or original as his phenomenal last album, but based on the singles... still cool that I get to be disappointed a day earlier, thank you for this
  6. Can't Cool Me Down took a little bit of growing, but this is fantastic on first listen. Kinda bummed by how short the album is going to be, but I have no doubt in my mind it's gonna be amazing.
  7. Basically a huge upgrade on their mostly insufferable older sound with all the taste and likability they've developed since with the spark (by far their best, most endearing, least headass album), pretty much the best I could've hoped for. Far from being a fan of them but I have hella history of loving their shit in my early to mid teens and this makes me feel real proud.
  8. Used to ADORE this band when I was like 14-17, I find album 2-3 to be borderline unlistenable, but I really like their latest even in retrospect, hopefully this one won't be too much of a slip back into musical rainbow vomit territory. They seem to have matured quite a bit with the last album so here's hoping that's still in effect, I've been liking where they were headed (that is, more focus on songwriting less on lolxdrandom and threading ground they really shouldn't, and more vintage electronics instead of extremely dated ones), also they've shaped who I am greatly by being a gateway drug into musical genres other than metal/rock way back then so I still care about them even if I'm not into the music all that much. Let's see how this will turn out.
  9. Can y'all shut up about the album art? It's meant to be weird as fuck and it serves its purpose, it exemplifies the occassional oddity of the album which is absolutely stunning by the way, and here you are being straight vitriolic about it. Fucking chill lol Love the album, haven't been too big on most of her stuff but this is the one.
  10. so straight up Burial but more upbeat and with live vocals it's actually pretty good
  11. I don't listen to much metal anymore, but this is the worst thing coming out of the genre I've heard in a minute. Uninspired, dull, forgettable, muddy, formulaic, and the lyrics made me wanna pop a cap in my brain like nothing else that I can remember, literally couldn't finish the song because of them. I used to have a lot of respect for this band, as corny as they were at times, and I clearly remember loving their 2014 album as a teenager, but everything they've released since has been unlistenable in so many different ways it's borderline impressive. Really sad.
  12. this made me realise that it's been out for like a week now lol I'm not the most devoted follower of the site but I was extremely stupid to have missed out on this
  13. I tought it had the new album and got out of my body for a sec. Still, great upload, one of the greatest (contemporary) hip hop acts for sure
  14. it's pretty cool, I absolutely loved Part 1 and I was shocked by how uninteresting the first two singles were, I'm okay with this but I'm not getting my hopes up if this album is as bland as I think it's gonna be then it fits right into their thing of fluctuating between good and mediocre albums, even with it being released pretty much alongside one of their good ones
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