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  1. A Boy Named Goo was my favorite! Superstar Carwash, Gutterflower, & Dizzy were solid! They have slowly evolved into adult soft rock as they aged. Sure it's their choice, but I wanted them to get back to mid-late 90's sound.
  2. Can't wait for album!! GREAT seeing them live; crazy energy!! This is what I like! \m/
  3. Good point! They lost that edge. I like it when they get a little bit angry with the music itself. He has a solid voice still.
  4. Incredible band!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Incredible band!!! Intelligent lyrics, intricate music, AMAZING vocals, and so very under-rated (as we all know)! Kevin Matisyn is making the past Evans Blue sound even better!!!
  6. Thank you...I got confused from their Facebook posts.
  7. From what I have gathered, the name of the entire full length album is titled "#Newmusic" ; scheduled release of the album is May 11. Can anyone confirm this?
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