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  1. I can't help but think about Twin Peaks when I look at the cover. I wonder if it is intentional...
  2. Nice artwork! Is this a boysband now?
  3. This new OneRepublic single is better than expected. Huge improvement since their last album.
  4. Yeah I king of agree with that, but I also think that's a story only the band get to tell. Of course if you want to make your own artwork, that's up to you but that doesn't make much sense imho.
  5. Wow... Love it! So good.
  6. Not too bad... Not AOTY* but it's listenable and enjoyable. *Well, who knows... Anything can happen after all. DGD managed to get the AOTY title.
  7. God, this album is gonna suck so much... I used to love Gorillaz!
  8. The artwork made me listen to this! I like it so far.
  9. Thanks so much! =) That was the last album I was waiting for this year (well, to be honest there's still Devilment left). They topped vol. 1 (which wasn't easy). I think that's gonna be my personal AOTY.
  10. Amazing album! A true masterpiece!
  11. I don't get all the praise for this band. It seems that the hype don't go past the Kingdomleak borders though. I'm gonna try harder but... Wow album of the month ? WTF.
  12. It makes me think of The Butcher on Heroes of the Storm.
  13. One of the worst albums I have ever heard! This is so bad...
  14. Lol That's impressive how nobody seems to care one bit about this release! Not one comment. Not only on Kingdom Leaks... That's almost shocking. ^^