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  1. woah, thanks a lot for posting this. first time hearing of this band and downloaded on a whim. this album is loaded with good songs with catchy songwriting.
  2. i loved peripheral vision and good nature and appreciate the contrast and differences between the two. to me, this album definitely sounds like a continuation of good nature, but a bit jazzier. it’s nice to have some fresh sounding songs to add to the bands already wide variety of sounds, but i did feel some of the tracks were a little boring and lifeless. Might be a grower for me, though “Still in Motion” is excellent and where i feel the band is at their best stylistically
  3. don’t get me wrong, i think this band has released a lot of good songs post-peripheral vision and i’m more than okay with their new sound, but this song in particular is pretty flat and those guitar leads just sound like uninspired random noodling to me. still have high hopes for the album though.
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