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  1. 2nd track was surprisingly pleasant to listen to, and thats where it peaks.
  2. the vocals are objectively mediocre; hence me not liking it. I dont get why thats so hard for people to admit
  3. fair on the 3 months thing, its just not very enjoyable to me? vocals aint it for me personally
  4. back at it, back at it like a motherfuckin crack addict. Your flow is actually better on this than before, tho that doesnt mean much compared to other music.
  5. This was written as a gift/tribute to Starset
  6. Needs work tbh. Mixing is off, panning is off, guitar sounds like a cheap sample, drums are inaudible and cheap sounding and the bass is a mess. Vocals have great potential actually. Have more volume when you scream and compress the living shit out of it in post and it'll probably sound just as good as your favorite artists.
  7. Okay so I listened to this EP, so you don't have to Here's my review: 1. Know Nirvana meets whisper-rap and drum machines 2. Someone Special JuiceWRLD goes SIMP 3. But The IceJJfish influences really popped with this one 4. Struggle The beat is actually kinda interesting somewhat reminiscent of NF, who is referenced in the first verse. Sprinkle in some Elliott Rodger. 5. To Royalty free SCARLXRD type beat. It lacks the screaming and reversed piano and swells 6. Exist A little repetitive and self-pitying Overall, the production is lacking and it clearly hasn't been properly mixed or mastered. A shame that this has been hyped up so much, it could've been much more.
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