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  1. Complete letdown... not sure what she was trying to do with this ep, but K-12 was stellar! well as the somewhat recent Fire Drill and Play Date singles. There’s no break in these songs. It’s as if she’s just “talking” through them, almost like Spoken Word. Extremely lacking...
  2. Beautiful! Had no idea they had uh new album coming up.
  3. Please wait until 320 is added... it makes such a difference.
  4. @Zephyr Sunrise same here. I took a road trip this weekend and stumbled upon a new found love for Mac Miller, Jesus......absolutely beautiful album. Gone too soon.
  5. He has released a few tracks here and there that I can get into but this is just lazy, like the previous person stated. Lyrics terribly weak and honestly I think he could do much, much better. Seems like he’s really biting off of a lot of people and turning it into some halfass release of a so called song. Next...
  6. Andy always puts out some smooth playin’ hits! Can’t wait to check out the whole album.
  7. I’m just not feeling this one... seems far less superior than their last two albums. Seems like they could’ve done so much more with the tracks... almost regressing in sound. The Lumineers have made some absolutely gorgeous songs, I’ll certainly be looking forward to their next release in time.
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