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  1. Well, I can only say, thank you very much for these incredible years, I discovered the site at the end of 2018, I can safely say that this is one of the best communities I have seen on the internet. I feel bad, because KL gave me a lot and I really very little. I hope with all my heart that you all do very well, congratulations on your baby and your wedding. If there is any way to maintain the site ... Count me in. Until then, I guess this is a goodbye. The words are not enough, but really thank you and have a good trip.
  2. Too many expectations about this debut, this single just justifies them all.
  3. This band deserves more attention.
  4. Dude, you hit the spot. This was a fucking trip, there were actually moments that reminded me a bit of the last Daughters album. Putting that aside, this band is still so ... thunderous. There are such chaotic moments, I look forward to October 9.
  5. In fact, for a few months the duration of the songs has appeared on the internet and "Danke" appears with the duration of 3:34, it seems somewhat strange to me, I would bet anything that there is an error there and the band does not know it.
  6. In fact, there is a YouTube video of a concert in December 2019, they play "Danke" and it lasts 4:20 approximately. You can listen to a one more "complete" song, on the album I feel like it ends very suddenly, I really like what they did in this song and I agree, it probably doesn't even need lyrics. I think the same, Idles have very good things, that make this genre of post-punk or rock-punk, it doesn't sound so monotonous, but as you mentioned, they also have more familiar things hahaha For example, "Kill Them With Kidness" has a very basic riff, very ... typical, but as the song progresses there are "ornaments" (sorry, I don't know if that's the right word, I'm not very expert) in guitar and that really add a bonus to the song and it gets fucking wild. But then "A Hymn" or "Carcinogenic" comes along and they don't feel the same, they're not bad, but from what you know Idles can do, you can feel like they're missing something. I would pay for a 100% instrumental Idles album, the guitarists of this band have a lot of potential.
  7. The first six songs are wild, they don't really lower the intensity, not even "Mr. Motivator". After that, the album leaves that intensity a little bit, it's still loud, but it feels a little different. It still works, it's very nice, and when you least realize it, the album ends, I would love for "Danke" to last longer, I feel like it ends very abruptly.
  8. Their debut album I like too much. This feels less "wild", but I think they have good things to show for it.
  9. Thanks for this! I think the album will be good or maybe very good. In a very subtle way, Idles still doesn't get monotonous.
  10. Congratulations, man! I really appreciate your content on the site. 🤘
  11. This album becomes very intimate as you listen to it.
  12. How does a band come to this? I mean, the record has its things, which are maybe decent, but this is a great example of when a band makes a record just because they have to. It's sad, their music was the first thing I started listening to. Today, Jared doesn't seem to care much for 30STM,
  13. The riffs are sometimes "hypnotic" and the bass lines are so 😋 This band never disappoint me.
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