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  1. Huh, I was hoping his screams would be better but nope. Sill poo-poo. Everything else is pretty great though.
  2. I love me some mother fucking Shoegaze. And it's from mother fucking Japan, even fucking better. Those mother fuckers be on top with their mother fucking music.
  3. Oh shit, is this a bonus track for the new Asking Alexandria album?
  4. Oh, I'm gonna fucking cum, I'm gonna fucking cum. I'm about to be a one-man bukkake up in this B.
  5. What's so secret about these sisters? I need to get to the bottom of this.
  6. Came for the album art, stayed for the album. Pretty dope shit.
  7. Goddamn, I fucking love this band's artwork. The band itself is eh...
  8. Thanks, I worked hard on it. Though the ending could use some work, I've never really been good with endings.
  9. Not a problem if you restrain yourself to only listen to two of the singles and then wait for the rest of the album. I, on the other hand, didn't even bother keeping up with this band after whatever happened with Austin.
  10. Didn't vote. 'Cause none of these albums were even in my top 10... so fuck it.
  11. Let's get this out onto a tray. Nice. M'kay.
  12. This is poo poo pee pee. I hope these nerds don't try and perform the songs the original band released.
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