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  1. good mornin girl I'll see ya tomorrow (proceeds to fall off chair)
  2. I LOVE IT. Your band is amazing. This record shattered my expectations! Hope to hear more!
  3. It shows up to me idk what to do you
  4. It's supposed to release tomorrow but, who cares
  5. @bearseatbeets it is thats sad that the cover is better than the song lol
  6. I'm a big punk roclk fan and I'm disappointed. This song has 50 seconds of raw noise. Thats from a Death Grips fan!.I don't think blink's new album will be good
  7. blink-182 is still alive? I thought they died a long time ago.
  8. Damn this sounds good! Excited for this album.
  9. Not much of an emo person but, hope everyone enjoys it, for those who like this genre!
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