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  1. Tuesday morning happiness has officially began!
  2. I'd be up for following them all tbh, especially a J/K Pop one or Hardcore sounds like a great idea!
  3. Been waiting for this! Thank you
  4. Yeah I do actually and it involves your mom.
  5. @Spectromeda win? What are you winning you mug, it's the Internet, you win sweet fuck, your mum should have swallowed you.
  6. Kaboom, here comes the best UK metal release this year so far!
  7. Awesome, love Fabbiene! Think that Anna Murphy produced this didn't she? Maybe could see them both do vocals on a song which is away from (in an essence of course) from Eluveitie great song nevertheless!
  8. You're one hell of a negative person. Literally every post on your profile screams negative wanker.
  9. Stoked on the new album! Brilliant introduction to it :)
  10. Yeah this is dope. Definately have my attention back with this shit
  11. Considering how young they are, this is amazing!
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