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  1. Kinda true, I thought of it too. Still a great album, really into it since the first listening.
  2. It takes me back to my Fever Ray days, loved it.
  3. Apparently, on the 26th of July. Really hyped for it !
  4. I want to see a MV for FLOOR 13 somehow.
  5. Really like this one. Still Coldrain but a bit fresher !
  6. I'm pretty disappointed. Liked 3 or 4 songs but the rest is just boring to me.
  7. Was one of my favorite japanese bands. I always feel quite happy while listening to them.
  8. True that the feature is kinda unnecessary. Still enjoyed it.
  9. Better than the first single indeed. Still skeptical about the album but well, will listen to it anyway.
  10. It's not a bad album, not their best for sure, quite calm/boring for an "apocalyptic party". Still like some of it tho.
  11. Happy to see some DIMLIM ! CHEDOARA was a great album, hyped to see more of them.
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