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  1. Far better than Free Woman imo. I just dislike the artwork used for this single, I understand the whole retro/pop/"alien"/whatever ride she's on but this font is horrible.
  2. Randomly found Very Noise as a suggestion and I NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THAT !
  3. Such a boring record... The whole thing is like a big déjà-vu. Not necessarily bad as expected but uninspired.
  4. Wow, what a nice discovery. I couldn't sleep and it's a rainy night, this fits so well with the atmosphere. Snow-sleep is my favorite so far. Thanks for sharing !
  5. After these singles, I think I'll just pass on this album >.> The Black has more materials than this to be fair, even if a lot disliked Denis as vocalist.
  6. Same here. T.I.N.A is still the mvp for me, Marionettes I & II - Satellites are really cool tho.
  7. Thanks for the discovery. I loved it !
  8. So much better than her first album. Have to say, between her - The Weeknd - 5Sos, my quarantine is more enjoyable !
  9. Pretty surprised by how much I enjoyed this album. Except Wildflower and Best Years, I liked everything.
  10. I love this one, far better than The King.
  11. Indeed, it sounds like it. Great songs nonetheless.
  12. Not my kind of sound but I liked the artwork too much to not give it a try :') Still headbanged for the last part tho, cause it's pretty solid.
  13. That's really good ! Needed to hear something like that this morning. Heavy and light at the same time.
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