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  1. Really pleasant overall. I'm just disappointed that the last song is fading out...
  2. I don't know what to think about it, quite confused on "Do i like it or not so much...?"
  3. What a nice discovery to start the week. Loved the all thing. thanks !
  4. Digging some of it. Still far away from their best tracks.
  5. Totally loved it. Interesting song overall, I wonder what they will do after Amo.
  6. I liked it, but less than expected...
  7. Normally it's not my type of song, but I don't know. It's like I'm forced to do the "hm hm hm hm hm hm hm" thingy..... HELP I'M POSSESSED.
  8. Liked it, but it's pretty hilarious to see Dan or even YUNGBLUD saying we would not be ready for it. Regular mainstream soup ID can do in the end.
  9. Thanks for the upload, started on youtube but it was far better to bring it everywhere I go for a casual day ! Really glad you suggested it, Void Walker is a great opening track imo and Inhuman is a good follow up. Felt quite lost/bored in the middle part tho (5 to 7) but Become God grabbed me back in. Somehow I think the record is probably too long at some point, maybe it's just me because I like the EP / mini-album format. Some songs definitely go into my gamer playlist for sure.
  10. Really liked it. Gonna check it as well !
  11. WELL ! It was not so bad after all. Really dig the second half of the album while the first is purely generic and boring to me (like the cover tbh). Downfall is the best song in the record. Nothing more to say there. And... Dunno why but Flexin fits somehow.
  12. I'm scared after Flexin... But anyway, leggo.
  13. Still haven't listen to it. But I'm already annoyed by this left corner...
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