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  1. Well, I guess I'll have to pre-order the album.
  2. At some point, it sounds like a continuation of Mechanical Animals to me. I'm really loving it atm and HALF-WAY & ONE STEP FORWARD is surely my fav of the album.
  3. A bit of Tenacious D vibe in this one, but still I don't know how to feel about his solo album going on. Pretty meh to me.
  4. Even if I quite like everything they have done since "There is a hell...", the feature did not hyped me that much but this is a nice surprise. Freaking catchy with a nonsense MV like I love. Post-human will be phenomenal I guess !
  5. This is so good ! I enjoyed each single so far, really hyped for the album and I hope it will slay.
  6. It's a solid come back, just struggling a bit with some parts of the vocals but it'll probably grow. I'm a bit concerned about having this one as a closure tho. The riff itself doesn't serve an end at all but more like a groovy hyping slap in the face.
  7. Well, Don't Ask and Bleep Bloop are both really enjoyable.
  8. I literally love the artwork, curious to listen to this.
  9. So much better than anything on Doom Days. But the short format is quite frustrating... Thanks for the share !
  10. Really chill, I dig it.
  11. Same for me, the self-titled had this little thing making it more authentic than the last one imo. I love this new song tho especially the contrast with the light atmosphere and the "sad lyrics".
  12. Far better than Free Woman imo. I just dislike the artwork used for this single, I understand the whole retro/pop/"alien"/whatever ride she's on but this font is horrible.
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