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  1. always dope! Untill now @TheHunteraciaStrain Project luna havent dissapointed me Yet! Chill vibes !
  2. Yes.. Waiting till next week, Till the 320 drops ;-) Good look
  3. yes its latin "That is my message, The Beast with a Billion Teeth, I have already had started. All will be struck dumb, he had begun, all that pertain to the End of Life. Always kind and destruction Unefecium?? destruction of the Republic healing, sustenance pure, true beast festival begins with a dark ride"" Still doesnt make sense
  4. I Was just wondering when these guys come with a new album! This is a Suprise! Thnxxx !
  5. yess Beth Hart Never Dissapoints. Great Voice. Wondefull Music!
  6. Kamikaze def. gets in my top 3, after flops like revival (that one was really BAD) he came out with Kamikaze! Thats the eminem i wanna hear again! On POinT !
  7. Never tought i would see this dutch artist on here !
  8. @Chris9f that pirate song is a song from tj oneill so its not on the stick figure album. Great song tho
  9. Yes yes yes.... U are the best!!! Been on the look out for this. ???? Such great music. To chill 2
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