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  1. Industrial rapcore is to ears what toothpaste and orange juice is to your tongue.
  2. these are the albums I liked enough to BUY AND SUPPORT the list is in order of release date Astronoid - Astronoid (2/1) Dream Theater - Distance Over Time (2/22) Fallujah - Undying Light (3/15) Snarky Puppy - Immigrance (3/15) East Of The Wall - NP Complete (3/29) Moon Tooth - Crux (3/29) AOTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Devin Townsend - Empath (3/29) Periphery - IV: Hail Stan (4/5) Numenorean - Adore (4/12) Fractal Universe - Rhizomes Of Reality (4/19) Warforged - I: Voice (05/10) Destrage - The Chosen One (5/24) Thank You Scientist - Terraformer (6/14) He Is Legend - White Bat (6/28) Immortal Bird - Thrive On Neglect (7/5) Torche - Admission (7/12) The Contortionist - Our Bones (8/9) Pijn & Conjurer - Curse These Metal Hands (8/16) Infinity Shred - Forever, A Fast Life (8/23) Tool - Fear Inoculum (8/30) Vitriol - To Bathe From The Throat Of Cowardice (9/6) Cognizance - Malignant Dominion (9/6) Parliament Owls - A Span Is All That We Can Boast (9/6) The Number XII Looks Like You - Wild Gods (9/20) Opeth - In Caude Venenum (9/27) Car Bomb - Mordial (9/27) Uneven Structure - Paragon (10/18) Fit For An Autopsy - Sea Of Tragic Beasts (10/25) Leprous - Pitfalls (10/25) Alcest - Spiritual Instinct (10/25) Bask- III (11/8) Sleep Token - Sundowning (11/21) Teeth - The Curse Of Entropy (11/29)
  3. Finally, they put out something good! For someone who has never enjoyed this bands style, i dig this little ep glad theyve grown up
  4. The Marketing plan for this album is very unwise but it sounds great so far minus gods and the offering, those songs arent awful but just dont fit the flow of the record gods comes of just plain cheesy and very skipable IMO that song should have been cut. Whether i bother to buy the album rests on the last song
  5. The clean vocals sound forced but otherwise its a great song
  6. Finally i can stop listening to that goddamn garbage baroness record! CTMH is top tier.
  7. By far and large the worst album Baroness has ever put out, devoid of any good guitar solo, beyond subpar production and so many filler tracks that contribute absolutely nothing. 17 tracks quickly widdles down to about 12 actual songs. R.I.P Baroness.
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