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  1. This is really nice love the blending of sounds.
  2. Seriously one of the best releases that has graced my ears this year!
  3. A lot of love to these guys one of the rare ska groups that just effortlessly mix other styles with there base sound.
  4. So much love for this guy his stuff in stick to your guns and even this always helped me tough some tough times.
  5. A nice short stunning record one of my favorites so far! thank you so much
  6. Honestly i'm not that bothered by all the noise on Everything is Ordinary its still a good song and the blends of different styles is just so well executed. Really looking forward to glue because if these two songs are too go by this is gonna be promising.
  7. in our country we would say something to the extent ALA JE OVO MASNO BREEEE i love them heavy shit
  8. i am genuinely enjoying this album the video that was supplied made me interested but the music is the thing that kept me at it
  9. OH damn boi the lads from belgrade have out done them self with this ep its just so fucking good thank you!
  10. Ohh yea I been waiting for this one! Such a nice blend of genres.
  11. Ohhh Yea BOIII i was waiting for this one!
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