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  1. I love what they have done with this one!!! super catchy!!!!!!
  2. been a while since i heard some good manafest... production is good... iam hyped for more manafest
  3. The American Sun song .... the energy it gives.... yesss!!!!!!!
  4. And they back to their roots.... welcome back
  5. Shez representing my country Zambia out here...
  6. iam now hyped for Black Anima... i love the intro and the background sounds
  7. iam getting some I prevail - Trauma vibes on this record... still i love it... solid release
  8. this was one of my favourite albums last year!!! looks like iam the only one that feels this way @Dust of Pain same here..... i dig the extra jams tho
  9. solid release... i love the the vector artwork!!!!! 2019 the year of good music
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