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  1. Thank god its not swamp pop. Where in Louisiana are yall from?
  2. Why do i still like them so much? Its been over 15 years since ive heard from TEN. Because they put me in a good place mentally and the melody is undeniable, thats why.
  3. @peripheryb definitely not the typical genre for a fretless bass but i actually really appreciate the sounds they make. Even in this application its not bad at all. The bass player is no slouch by any means so i appreciate that as well. The recording is a little sub quality but still very listenable, at least you can distinguish the instruments.
  4. Track 1: suspected fretless bass Track 2: fretless bass confirmed
  5. Wow that was pretty amazing. Didn't know what i was in for before clicking bc ive never experienced this genre but pleasantly surprised and very pleased this was posted. Im keeping my eyes open for this one and others alike. Thanks!
  6. Absolutely 100% agree. This thread is like a fucked up episode of Maury.
  7. Saw them perform on fallon lastnite with dave grohl and i was taken back.
  8. Probably hiding somewhere with the "progressive" aspect of this release.
  9. Literally every track has synth and/or electronic beats. Maybe you should learn basic math skills before assuming everyone is the same in lacking your superior knowledge of genre classification.
  10. If lee mckinney fucks with'em it must be good.
  11. I need more post rock instrumentals in my life. This is a whole mood.
  12. Damn i was pleasantly surprised by that. Ill be looking for the ep come time. Thanks!
  13. Been creepin the page hard waiting on this Everything ben rosett touches i gold.
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