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  1. Thank you. I appreciate it. I won't be able to purchase it for a couple of weeks. But will when I can. Thank you for the leak anyways. It's tolerable at 128.
  2. Will listen to this. I've always loved these guys. Hopefully 320 will be available soon.
  3. Is the quality of this download the same as before? Or can we get an updated 320 since this one seems to be the unmastered version still?
  4. Is the quality of this download going to change soon?
  5. @Lord Kingdom Thanks. This track is amazing. I've always been and forever will be amazed of this band. I love that they're not afraid of telling their story and how they can just be real.
  6. Any updates on when the 320 would be added? Wanna make sure I can hear the music clearly before giving it a listen.
  7. Damn you almost sound just like every other user on this website. You're pretty good at that yanno? ?
  8. Sure people can hate, but IDGAF, I like this album. Just being real, but people want bands to change because they are "boring", but then the band changes and people want them to go back to how they were. Like wtf make up your damn minds. Smh. Just kidding though. This album has emotion and some hardcore relativity to how life is. Generic or not, these are actually just human beings writing about their lives. Grow the fuck up and accept the fact that nobody is perfect.
  9. This is most definitely going to be my AOTY. Loved this band from the get go. I will never hate on them. Yeah some of their songs might not be "The grandest thing alive", but they're original, and they follow the direction in their hearts. They know where they're going, and nobody can stop that. Haters gonna hate. Fuck em.
  10. Simply because I'm a human and can say whatever I would like. Why do you have to act like it's a bad thing that people speak their minds? Maybe you need to stop burying your insecurities. Sorry that my comment pissed you off. But oh the fuck well act your age and stop giving a shit.
  11. Could someone put a working link please. One of them is down and the other ones are ptl which is still under maintenance. Please and thank you
  12. That may be so, but that doesn't mean the album is shit. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean that it's a bad album. UO is better now than they were. But that's what I think. You're entitled to your own opinion, but doesn't make it reality
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