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  1. Every time I get reminded that these guys are from my city I throw something good on so I don't have a panic attack.
  2. I know, dickhead. What part of obnoxious EXCHANGE didn't you understand?
  3. Another full length after already releasing one of the best indie records of the year so far.
  4. Real shit. Reading it back, that was a pretty obnoxious exchange.
  5. I know not to waste time "debating"/go in circles with people who already have their mind made up. Your points were weak and irrelevant af tbh lol. What's really important here is that you won, though. Now you can go to town on a jug of floor cleaner to celebrate.
  6. A pedophile energy exuding white boy who wants to be hood because I said Kendrick has a better discography than Vince.You always say wild shit when someone disagrees with you or is this the Lemon Pledge talkin?
  7. You need to relax with your condescending ass lol. Yeah, Tommy.....if there's one knock about Kendrick it's that he always waters down his content to make it as palatable as possible for the Cody & Tanner's of the world. Vince is an over-opinionated (but talented) shithead. When he makes anything remotely as ambitious, interesting, and as well executed as TPAB you let me know, Tommy boy. Don't quote me with any preposterous contrarian shit about how TPAB is wack either. Stop freebasing Lemon Pledge and stay out of my mentions until you clean up your act.
  8. Man....this is deadly. Makes the new Tomb Mold & Witch Vomit albums seem average in comparison.
  9. WHAAAAAAAAAAATTT?!?!?! Fuck this came out of nowhere. Starspawn is one of the best DM albums of the past few years.
  10. Of course. His discography isn't even close.
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