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  1. Ever wonder what a band would sound like if they were Hatebreed.....but even cornier? Well this is your band.
  2. "Chill" is a genre now? I'm getting too old for this shit.
  3. @rampface Tool releasing something of quality is far from being a miracle, but living up to the album hype? That's a different story lol.
  4. I kinda see what you're saying but I think it's intended to develop a more distinctive sound. What did you think of the production and mastering on Purple?
  5. @rampface I promise you'll love "Animal Choir" by Her Name Is Calla. By far the most criminally underrated album of the year. It's like Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Radiohead, Arcade Fire mixed with a little noise rock, folk, & trip hop? It's brilliant, man.
  6. This poor mixing narrative is getting tired. How is it "subpar"? I'm with you if you have some minor complaints about some of the production choices but the mixing? Explain...
  7. Was referring to the "savage" part. I had no doubts his real name was Brennan lol. Skyler Highroller is my rap name.
  8. Yep. "Brennan Savage" sounds exactly like what a white kid from the suburbs would call himself in 2019.
  9. Thanks for the update, SF. Jam this shit hard like I never said anything.
  10. Don't sleep on this. Legit AOTY contender with one fuckin' review. Shameful.
  11. Awesome song from a rich, white, straight, pandering, schmuck.
  12. This shit smokes. Hardcore infused death metal just has its way with me.
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