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  1. What are you on about? This shit knocks.
  2. Prob her magnum opus. Compelling and rich
  3. Saw these guys play their last record in full last year. Deadly performance.
  4. @Dust of Pain Hater withdrawals aside I'm choosing to not hate on this shit. With your help I can beat the disease.
  5. Brand New discog upload on Jan 1st. Clever mf lol.
  6. Now you're onto something. I acknowledge I can be overly opinionated though. Def comes across the wrong way when you're consistent with it.
  7. Depends on your crowd I guess? I hang out with a lot of comics (I do open mics at a painfully low level), and I seem to do pretty well around actual funny people. Never had a reputation for being "unfun". Is it possible you jumped the gun a little or do you have me completely figured out as a person?
  8. You don't know me though lol. Sounds like I'm not a "fun hater" because I was shitting on some bands you like. I'm not doing it any condescending way. Not on Discord btw.
  9. Nah, it looks pretty cool. What about if the background for the Rammstein match was black? The white pops a little too much imo. You can be a hater and still be fun. I balance it quite well irl, Dusty.
  10. I hope so, Aria. That would be so beautiful (and so Taylor LOL! :).
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