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  1. Wow. If you would have told me that my favorite song off this album would be a piano ballad.... Oh well. You can't say they didn't make the album that THEY wanted.
  2. Blink-182 core. Bridge is dope though. Their albums go all over the map, I'm not worried yet
  3. Not the direction I was hoping for, but this is actually pretty dope
  4. Verses: 5/10 Chorus 9/10 Definitely dig it. Hope to find a little anger from their EP days on the album
  5. This. Dude can write the catchiest hooks in pop rock/pop punk, but I think I would have to wear a disguise to go to one of their shows.
  6. Beautiful rendition of Upside Down - The Story So Far. but srsly. I can appreciate it but I hope there's some high energy bangers on the album.
  7. They've got my attention. Fun song, but good god the lyrics could be better
  8. Incredible debut. Haven't seen something this polished in a long time.
  9. Chorus is ight. Absolutely cannot stand the Bridge.
  10. I'm just so confused. What in the actual fuck is Kanye doing lmao
  11. Absolutely dig it. Way more of a mature sound. The fanbase/marketing/image of this band is obnoxious but the end product is catchy as fuck.
  12. This is such a good sound for them. I'm hoping their next release still has some more punch to it though. Song is going to get a LOT of play this summer.
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