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  1. idk mate I've just heard so much djentcore that it all blends together for me
  2. It's a general figure of speech; I mean the prog djentcore with an over reliance on chugging and breakdowns that has been the trend in core for the past few years.
  3. Pretty good single, really like the death metal-y riffing on here. Kinda too chuggy for me, but it's a good single nonetheless.
  4. Interested to see how this is. I've liked previous releases and thought the single was cool, so high hopes.
  5. Don't see how this is really experimental. Typical Northlanecore that's been trendy for the past few years.
  6. I heard this when it leaked on Soulseek a while ago; sorry to say that I was really disappointed. I understand that this project is new and everything, but I guess the hype killed it for me. This album feels more like an experiment than an actual complete experience, and it ends right when things start to pick up and progress. It's still a good album, don't get me wrong; the super noisy and intense moments on here are great and highly entertaining, but the rest kind of just feels like it doesn't know where to go. Very unfortunate.
  7. Y'all please just don't start anymore drama. I understand it's hard to resist but this thread doesn't need any more of it.
  8. Some emo rap is quite good. I enjoy Bladee and Lil Peep a lot, as well as Corbyn. Not something I usually seek out but it's got some good stuff. Yeah, I'll admit I was being toxic at first. I've got anger issues, but I've tried to steer this discussion away from that.
  9. To go along with this, if you want me to clarify why I don't like Eminem's recent output: I believe a lot of it is extremely pretentious posturing on his part and that his personality is obnoxious. This would be forgivable if his music was interesting, but I don't find it anything special. Especially on this album, where it's chockful of stereotypical trap rap beats and boring production. Some of his early material was decent, although I found it to be nothing particularly special compared to other artists at that time.
  10. I'm not saying you are. To clarify, I said it could be; I'm not asking you to give me an entire list of reasons why you dislike it, I simply asked you to give examples of the artists you don't like. Keyword: sounds like. I didn't say he was or wasn't. I said that I don't understand how you can hate a genre so much and not give any examples of artists you hate it that fit what you hate so much. I'm not asking much.
  11. What? You literally said Disliking an entire genre doesn't mean you're on a bandwagon. I fail to see your point. indicating that you thought that was what I'm trying to say, when it wasn't.
  12. Have you read this thread? Plenty of people are already being assholes and super disrespectful and acting like dicks. Sure I could be more respectful, but so could the other people here. And I am trying to be more concise in my thoughts here. That's a strawman. I'm saying if you hate on an entire part of a genre with no examples of why or any real reason other than vague posturing, you're probably bandwagoning. I've always hated Em. I listened to the album and hated it. Like almost everything he's done. No, I didn't. I don't listen to X, nor do I think he's some hyper emotional savior. He's not good. My tastes in hip hop lean towards the more experimental stuff, but I can also appreciate the dumb fun party music like Playboi Carti. I think his music is incredibly catchy and well put together, along with being super fun.
  13. If you're going to make assumptions on an entire part of a genre, you'd think you should be able to point out what you're talking about... Otherwise it just sounds like you're just complaining to bandwagon.
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