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  1. Was pretty good and a nice album until 'Charlatan'... Why is there a djent song on a prog rock record? Worst song on it by far, as well as being one of the worst Opeth songs in general. Everything else ranges from good to just okay; they still haven't quite figured out how to make long songs sound that interesting. 7/10 for me.
  2. Super hyped for this album, didn't expect it to leak so early. Thanks for this!
  3. Great album, definitely one of my favorites so far this year. I love the psychedelic edge this has to it while retaining plenty of killer riffs and memorable moments. An unexpected but very welcome change in sound to me.
  4. I have been super excited for this, hoping it lives up to my expectations.
  5. Meh. Generic ass chuggy progcore, nothing new or interesting here except the theme.
  6. Although the first material we saw from this band was essentially the same sasscore worship seen a dozen times before, I'm actually really glad to see this band take a new direction with their sound. I'll admit this isn't that original, but goddamn it kicks major ass. Massive thanks for this leak.
  7. Oh wow this is just as bad as I expected. Keyboards sound cheap and unnecessary, riffs are bland and uninspired, boring breakdowns and vocals... Can we have more shit like Fuming Mouth now?
  8. This rules. Love me some straight hardcore. No frills shit.
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