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  1. They got the dude from the Gorguts - Obscura cover. Epic
  2. Been looking forward to this for a little bit, hopefully it's good.
  3. Boring, over-reliant on making the guitar tone as low as possible instead of having much actual substance. Reminds me of the countless modern metalcore bands that sound exactly like this, and I don't like them either. I was hoping to like this, but I unfortunately do not.
  4. Absolutely gorgeous and fantastic record. I've never really heard anything like this, just a straightforward combo of post-hardcore and blackgaze, maybe some post-metal. Brilliant stuff.
  5. Essentially just Aimless Arrow paulstretched with more reverb, delay, and probably a bit of echo or feedback. Just speed up this track until it's the original length of Aimless Arrow, and it's essentially the same thing except with added reverb etc. Now, I really enjoy ambient and drone—maybe even love it—but this is just lazy and disappointing. It's not experimental like they state on their Bandcamp, this is just a very simple paulstretch that anyone can do.
  6. I wasn't even complaining. He asked what was up with it, and I used the program I had (and analyzed the spectrogram) and told him what it said. I never claimed to be any sort of professional, nor did I know about the iTunes thing. My apologies, I really didn't mean to start anything. I thought I was just answering his question.
  7. Four of the files are 256 transcodes, and the other half are 320.
  8. Goddamn, what an amazing single. Marking a new direction for the band, this is so much more melodic and emotionally driven; it sounds fucking amazing! AOTY contender incoming, for real.
  9. What is that cover art? Way to make me not want to listen at all.
  10. Afaik the last album didn't have any industrial rock, just vaguely electronic elements combined with alt rock.
  11. Patiently awaiting a new and better trend in metalcore. Nothing more tiring than seeing every new band be nu metalcore.
  12. I was just looking for this the other day, thank you!
  13. That is an... interesting cover art.
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