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  1. Thank you so much! These guys are so awesome, everybody I play them for loves it too!
  2. Thanks man, these guys are one few bands in this genre I still get down to now that I'm a bit older.
  3. my god this is funky stuff, thanks a lot!
  4. Thanks for the leak dude! This band has always meant a lot to me
  5. Thanks very much! I haven't heard anything they've put out in probably 7 years, looking forward to seeing what they've been up to! Appreciate the upload mate, cheers!
  6. Thank you so much!!!!! Love this band, their lyrics have changed my life over the last decade. I'll be seeing them live next month or so and will purchase some merch and the CD just to support them. But I've got to hear this asap, I've been looking forward to this so long! Thanks for the upload OP.
  7. Thank you so much man, I appreciate it! Amazing album! You rock dude
  8. Thanks so much for this! Love these guys!
  9. Thanks for the upload! Heard about them recently and figured I'll give them a shot!
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