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  1. I don't like this album, i really think it's mediocre but i enjoy some tracks: Wheels On The Bus, Show & Tell, High School Sweethearts and some other songs. This is forgettable.
  2. I think ¨Dearly Departed¨ It's my fav BH song and one of the best tracks of the year by far.
  3. I didn't expect this way but i like it.
  4. Hard Reflection vibes. Love Tool.
  5. AMAZING, one of the best rock albums of the year tbh.
  6. Amazing new album, i'm really enjoying every track
  7. I liked this album more than the last one. The best are Satisfaction, Nice To See You, Think and Already Gone.
  8. I love this record so much, Tyler in flower boy looks like he's trying to make it perfect, but in this one is he having fun and i love the stuff into IGOR.
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