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  1. I really dig this album artwork. Hoped the music would be up to par...
  2. Ehhhh, it’s a no for me. Makes me sad. Used to like these guys quite a bit. Glad that some others dig it though.
  3. I dig these guys quite a bit, but this feels a little underwhelming compared to the previous ep.
  4. Dude, this actually super dope.
  5. Yeah, I tend to agree with you as well. Self Inflicted was a pretty big drop off. Tom is a wonderful vocalist. Totally agree, he has seemed to bring in new life to the band.
  6. Holy crap man. This is incredible. I have always been a pretty big CG fan, and was mega bummed when Alex was out and Tom was in ( and wanted to hate Tom so ba ) but Tom is absolutely incredible. His range is amazing, and he is super creative with the flow and diversity that he brings song by song. This is such a banger. If this is coming with an album ( and if it sounds a lot like this ) I expect this to in the aoty running ( although it would be really tough to knock Loathe off the top ). Got chills for the breakdown around 1:30( love the screaming part with the breakdown ) and the last buildup/breakdown. Everyone in CG is so good at what they do, and as much as I liked Alex, Tom is just on another level. So stoked to be playing this on repeat, and hope this comes with a new album.
  7. It’s weird because they have never really done anything special, but they release so many bangers. It’s not quite an aoty candidate for me, but it’s stil super good. Just stinks for them that it was released in a year that Loathe, Currents and MTS have all released incredible albums.
  8. The video completely makes this song. Just stumbled upon this today. Definitely worth the watch for a good laugh.
  9. Judging by the comments I’m definitely in the minority here, with a very unpopular opinion. I was super excited for this, but it didn’t hit for me. This was super meh, and honestly felt crammed together. Honestly disappointed considering I have enjoyed every era so far. I really hope it grows on me.
  10. They always have some bangers, and last album did a lot for me that previous albums didn’t. None of these singles have grabbed me so far. Hope that changes. Does anyone else hate how much Frankies vocals are always distorted?
  11. What a heavy hitter. Definitely a fun listen. Stoked for part two. I love Tom’s range, the dude is so diverse.
  12. No doubt, that album turned me ( previously not a fan ) into a Northlane super fan. That album is incredible. Super fresh and new for the genre. And the lyrics ( even the I can’t relate on a personal level ) cut so deep. Words can’t describe how much I love that album.
  13. Get out of here. Alien is a masterpiece. Top 5 album of all time, regardless of genre.
  14. I don’t get the hate that this album is getting. All of their albums have been extremely different. And this had a little bit of something for everyone. There is not a single song you can skip. Tons of bangers, and few songs that venture in directions MTS hasn’t done before. Sean was already one of my favorite vocalists by a large margin, and then he shows even more growth on this album. my lone complaint is that the album is so short.
  15. This album was fantastic! I think I built a little bit too unrealistic expectations do to already loving these guys so much. This may be unpopular, but I didn’t care for them going for more singing in the way that they did it. And I usually don’t mind when bands do that, but in this case, Brian doesn’t have a huge diversity in his singing. On the other hand, his scream is so recognizable that I want it a bit more. I don’t want to get this twisted though, it is still a fantastic album. Lyrically wonderful, and relate to quite a few of them. The closer gave me chills. tier one: Monsters, origin, split, how I fall apart and better days tier two: a flag to wave, poverty of self, kill the ache tier three: never there, let me leave, second skin
  16. Yesssssssssss. I am so stoked to listen to this
  17. I feel like I’m in the minority here, but I’m stoked for this album and have loved all four singles. Sean’s vocals are amazing and are soooo emotional. I agree that past releases may have been a little more strong instrumentally, but by all standards for a metal album, this slaps.
  18. Is it as stupid as usual? They are all so talented, but I can’t get past Fronz’s terrible lyrics.
  19. Mostly mean it as a joke. But his screams are pretty rough.
  20. If this is gold, I’m going to fart and crap into a microphone and sell the cd to you. Cause that’s pretty much what Jake’s screaming sounds like these days.
  21. Absolutely, this junk doesn’t touch Currents.
  22. Idk how everyone keeps hyping this album up. I mean, my lord this guys vocals are steaming diarrhea now. Not to mention the lyrics are cringe worthy. How old are these guys? They should be old enough to move off of cringe. The Instrumentals and cleans are the o my good part so far.
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