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  1. I feel like a fool for having stumbled into this band so late. But I love this album. This is fantastic. And honestly think this is a hundred times better than their older stuff.
  2. Looking forward to listening, but I prefer the vibes from badlands, felt darker and a little bit more indie.
  3. 1. Northlane- Alien ( coming from someone who couldn’t stand them before this album) 2. NF- The Search 3. The Devil Wears Prada- The Act 4. Half Alive- Now, Not Yet 5. Periphery- Hail Stan 6. Issues- Beautiful Oblivion 7. Billie Eilish- WWAFAWDWG 8. Post Malone- Hollywood’s Bleeding 9. Message Man- Requiem 10. Set it Off- Midnight in conclusion, very top heavy. Kind of weak year in my opinion.
  4. Completely missed this coming out. Heck of a song.
  5. My only gripe is that I wish Mike’s vocals were as good as they used to be. But with that being said, this is their best work in my opinion. I love the direction they have gone. Very creative. The album has everything you could want. Great lyrics, some bangers, and some beautiful songs. You can really tell they take their time making stuff. It is so well crafted.
  6. I thought that this album was fantastic. I am one of the few that enjoys the new direction and more Tyler. It baffles me that more don’t like it, Tyler is what makes this band more unique. Not too many have a singer as uniquely talented as him. Groovy album.
  7. I actually love the direction they have gone, but the screaming is just awful. It makes me sad.
  8. Very curious, I loved this band and instrumentally still do. But how do you overlook Mike’s current screaming? It’s so bad.
  9. Dig it. Nothing new, but it’s Post. You will listen to it, dig and probably hate that you love it. But oh well. Love what you love. If you enjoy Post you’ll enjoy this
  10. Are there any bands who do this djent and hip hop style that don’t suck or have crappy lyrics? I would legit love to be in a band that’s a better version of this junk and do it right.
  11. I was hyped to see this, and I think the band still makes some really cool instrumentals, but to be honest, Mike just isn’t the same. If I didn’t love this band from when I was younger I would probably bash a vocalist for sounding like Mike does now. Hate to see it.
  12. @MrPreApocalypse ramen is actually one of the best/supportive labels. I don’t think they will try and sway ADTR either way. That being said, it’s alright. Not bad, but nothing special. CC feels like a peek, and idk if they can replicate that again.
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