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  1. This is super interesting. Love their most recent stuff, it’s really different and feels fresh. My only complaint is that the high end on the last two singles seems a little harsh in the mix. But the songs themselves are super dope.
  2. Super dope song. Heavy hitter. It’s CG, probably the best they have been in a while. No news here, but Tom is just incredible.
  3. Did you listen to their last album? That album turned me into a fan. Incredible front to back for so many reasons.
  4. I’m kind of hoping that Jake is still in and they brought James back for just a song. They had a photo of songs they were recording, and one was called trick the listener, and I’m kind of hoping that applies here.
  5. I know, just a typo, I had Jake in my first post.
  6. Man, that really sucks. Never disliked James, but I’m probably in the minority that preferred Jack.
  7. So is Jake still in the band? Regardless, the song is a banger. Chris is once again, incredible. Without a doubt one of the best drummers.
  8. As stated by others, the vocals sitting low in the mix bothers me.
  9. Pretty solid album. Again, it’s not groundbreaking but it was a banger. Didn’t know if we would see these guys get this heavy again. I think my favs are Anatomy of Evil, God Complex ( although I find the chorus unnecessary ), Killing..., And Demon of my Own. Although the closing breakdown for Spiritual Eclipse is really nice.
  10. No words. Super incredible. Will be blasting this for a while. Last song is awesome. Like others have said, chills. Love the whole thing. I didn’t think I’d be saying this, but this may contend for AOTY for me.
  11. I’m disappointed there isn’t a kids bop WAP
  12. This is so tasty man. Im sad I couldn’t control myself, at this point there won’t be a ton that haven’t been heard already from the EP. Regardless, another awesome track.
  13. Really excited for this! I really enjoyed the debut. I was a little let down with Leave me Alone, but the last three singles have got me excited. random thought: does anyone else here a little bit of Mindless Self Indulgence from the singer? Or is that just me? Lol
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