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  1. Love this album! Really worth the listen. Love that he mixes a lot of different genres. Instrumentally it moves anywhere from Hip Hop, Alternative, R&B and a little bit of an 80’s flair on couple tracks. Vocally, I love that this guy combines some screaming and alternative style to his mixed bag of hip hop influence. I thought this album was great.
  2. I really dig this album. I’m usually kind of torn on them. Everyone in this band is great at what they do, and make good songs, but they usually don’t hold my attention after a week or two. I think this one will be different, this album is pretty darn good.
  3. Thank you! I didn’t even realize it!
  4. I’ve always had a soft spot for their stuff, so I may be biased, but I thought this was stellar. The ending is what really got me. Got chills. Super hyped for the new album.
  5. Was really hoping for an official release this last Friday. Has anyone heard anymore about a release date?
  6. This was really good. A really cool experience from start to beginning. Personally love the second half just for some more of those 80’s synths. But definitely would recommend giving it a listen.
  7. It’s a fat nope for me. Honestly their screamer hasn’t had it since their first album. And is he struggling that much lyrically for a two minute song? Good lord, how many times can you repeat the title of the song?
  8. I feel like a fool for having stumbled into this band so late. But I love this album. This is fantastic. And honestly think this is a hundred times better than their older stuff.
  9. Looking forward to listening, but I prefer the vibes from badlands, felt darker and a little bit more indie.
  10. 1. Northlane- Alien ( coming from someone who couldn’t stand them before this album) 2. NF- The Search 3. The Devil Wears Prada- The Act 4. Half Alive- Now, Not Yet 5. Periphery- Hail Stan 6. Issues- Beautiful Oblivion 7. Billie Eilish- WWAFAWDWG 8. Post Malone- Hollywood’s Bleeding 9. Message Man- Requiem 10. Set it Off- Midnight in conclusion, very top heavy. Kind of weak year in my opinion.
  11. Completely missed this coming out. Heck of a song.
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