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  1. thank you! we'll have a new single out soon and an EP out hopefully next month.
  2. Thank you! We'll be releasing our second single later this month and then our EP next month.
  3. Thank you! We have an EP due out on December too titled CHRYSALIS.
  4. Is an accidental nod to Converge and an appreciation of the cover being one of my favorites (I have the Jane Doe cover tattooed on my calf). My wife designed the artwork and was playing around with different effects on a picture of her for fun. She stumbled across this effect, and we both decided that its similarity to Jane Doe when combined with the remaining artwork theme can be more of an homage rather than a blatant rip off...A. We did not set out to "rip off" off the cover artwork, B. While similar, it is also completely different, and C. My wife herself is pictured in the cover art using a very standard color inversion effect. Not that I have to defend my artistic choices, but still...shedding some light on your comment.
  5. @Lord Kingdom thank you so much for posting! I will leak our new EP to you guys when it's done later this year. Thank you for listening, and I'm glad you like it. We're working on finishing up our first EP now. Should have it ready later this year for release.
  6. any way to get these links restored? @Michael pretty please?
  7. Thanks! I had that idea too, but thought since it only had one scream it might not fit so well. I guess Alcest is a good example of making the melodic vocals work predominantly in blackgaze.
  8. I have a new project and we just released our first single. I'm having trouble pinning down a genre that we fit in (at least based on this first single). I came up with post-hardcore/shoegaze/alternative, but I guess I'm just looking for outside perspectives. If you don't like the song, cool, I still appreciate you checking it out. Thanks everyone!
  9. @sabakusousou @dylanm7 Thank you both! It means a lot that you took the time to listen and are enjoying it.
  10. @redeemer96 old Underoath is some of my favorite ever, from The Changing of Times up through Lost in the Sound of Separation. Thanks for listening!
  11. @peripheryb thanks again! I'll be sure to leak the next one here exclusively too.
  12. @Nick_7621 @peripheryb Thank you both! We're a new band (only been together about a year), and we were on a budget production wise. Definitely hoping to up our game on the next one, but the engineer was a great dude and really helped us make the first EP a fun one. Glad you like the vocals too, means a lot! I've personally been playing in bands for a long time, but only guitar, so this is my first band as a vocalist alongside guitar.
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