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  1. @sabakusousou @dylanm7 Thank you both! It means a lot that you took the time to listen and are enjoying it.
  2. @redeemer96 old Underoath is some of my favorite ever, from The Changing of Times up through Lost in the Sound of Separation. Thanks for listening!
  3. @peripheryb thanks again! I'll be sure to leak the next one here exclusively too.
  4. @Nick_7621 @peripheryb Thank you both! We're a new band (only been together about a year), and we were on a budget production wise. Definitely hoping to up our game on the next one, but the engineer was a great dude and really helped us make the first EP a fun one. Glad you like the vocals too, means a lot! I've personally been playing in bands for a long time, but only guitar, so this is my first band as a vocalist alongside guitar.
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