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  1. 2012? Dang. Their two full lengths are amazing. This single, not so much imo.
  2. Just discovered this band. Great stuff. Title track & video are especially amazing.
  3. Not for me but thanks for the recommendation. I enjoy checking out something different even if it's not a match. I would recommend this to someone who would be interested in a mix between Ween and The Beatles.
  4. The Forcing Out the Silence and Blood Is Bright remasters are decent enough. Both are slight improvements. But this one? A MILLION times better sounding than the original release. I now love this album even more than I did before.
  5. It's difficult to believe that anyone even MORE incredibly DUMB than Trump exists, but Alex Jones certainly has him beat.
  6. Nice one. Going to check this out right now. Thanks.
  7. Phantogram Moaning Morrissey
  8. I think you should really give TFoH another listen. It's nowhere near as mellow as the majority of either Dead End Kings or City Burials. It's actually FULL of those "take me back" moments & is every bit as "heavy" as The Great Cold Distance.
  9. For yourself and anyone else who may be interested, they are having a live streaming show on May 9th. I am uncertain of the site it will be on, but I'm sure their Facebook or other places will have that info soon.
  10. I personally don't ever include bonus tracks when listening to albums as a whole because I kinda feel they weren't meant to be included as a part of the album experience. I have an entire folder full of Katatonia "non-album" tracks that makes for a good shuffle play. FoH is still 67 minutes without the bonus tracks but it never gets tired or too long for me. Anyway, glad you enjoy the new one. It's a bit of a disappointment for me but The Fall of Hearts is in my top three Katatonia albums. First place depending on the day/mood.
  11. This has got to be one of the worst collection of covers I have ever heard. Atrocious in every aspect.
  12. I feel the same. Been waiting with great excitement ever since it was announced. Turns out it's one of my least favorite Katatonia albums to date. I also don't care much for Night is the New Day or Dead End Kings & this album is most similar to those two. I thought Fall of Hearts was a masterpiece, but this one kinda puts me to sleep. Heart Set to Divide, Behind the Blood, Rein, Flicker, and Neon Epitaph are the keepers for me. The other 6 tracks are just kinda bland imo. At least I know one of the two bonus tracks will be a banger. Fighters, which is a cover of an Enter the Hunt song. Hopefully Closing Of the Sky isn't another mellow one as there's already too many of those here. It was originally to be a Jonas solo album and I think it shows. Here's the original version of Fighters. Can't wait to hear Katatonia's cover: https://youtu.be/_Mv8bZRCFWM
  13. I can really only say two things about this. That the boom-box production of the last three albums is in tact (which isn't a compliment)., and lol.
  14. I will agree on this stance. I didn't care for more than a couple tracks from Trench, and this song is a total turd bomb for me.
  15. This is a really, REALLY great Strokes album. Much better than the last two imo.
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