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  1. Not had a chance to listen yet, but expectations were very low after hearing the singles (except for Generational Divide which was great). I wonder who chose the singles, the band or the record company as it sounds like someone's fucked up with the choices.
  2. Thanks for uploading this. I love this band and had the album down as an album of the year candidate, just need to get home to listen now!
  3. Yeah cos my real name is Clarence, I guess you've not seen True Romance?! I like Grayscale, in fact I'm going to see them again next month. People that use the term 'edge lord', not so much! I hope that you continue the stalking, it's quite flattering really ?
  4. I can't even begin to explain how hilarious it is that you made the effort to go to my profile, look at my old posts and downvote them because I downvoted one of yours ?
  5. Gonna pull up a seat to read all the comments later, I've got a feeling this is gonna get ugly!
  6. The majority of bands I like release albums in a limited quantity on cassette these days. It's an easy way to make money from those that enjoy collecting rare/semi-rare things. I expect 99% of them never get listened to.
  7. I don't associate most of the songs on it with happiness or summer (Neurotic, London, Curse Me Out, Misery In You, Scatter My Ashes etc). For me it was a puzzling change of direction with some really weak songs. A shame really as they were building some real momentum and I thought had a really good chance of breaking out before it was released. Hopefully the next release will be a return to form as they're great guys, especially Shoji.
  8. Vacation was a massive disappointment to me.
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