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  1. It's one of their older songs. They re-recorded it, just for the heck of it. Glad they did!
  2. Can we AT LEAST appreciate the direction they took on "Broken World"? One of their greater songs, next to "The Tragic Truth"
  3. Anyone remember her song, with I See Stars?
  4. She's gotten too soft. I miss her metalcore days...
  5. This album is insane! I love the fact that all the comments on this post are positive! We need more bands like VM!
  6. I actually just got done making an Alt Mix of this song, then I saw your comment 😂 I took out all the "Heavy Parts".
  7. @Lefty007 I think it looks pretty cool. Imo
  8. Five Finger Death Punch's new album was heavier than this.
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