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  1. aww yiss.. thanks @Rorschach for the post . Nik told there will be 2 deathcore song on the album man. he played a little teaser for the next single. after third single release (or fourth, depend on the hype), they'll release the album.
  2. "Dysmorphia" sounds sick, will give the EP a listen. Clicked because I see Spencer
  3. Don't know if you you guys know/remember. Hollowealth. (they used to be called Euphony but parted with David Escamilla. released only two singles)
  4. Sunsleep, Our Mirage, Makari, Dream On Dreamer (latest album & single), Fifth Dawn, In Motive (two singles so far), Artifex Pereo, I See Stars (Treehouse album), The Night Of, Fame On Fire.
  5. sounds pretty good! thanks for the post @Lord Rorschach
  6. The line up are previous Down & Dirty. After Denis left for AA, Stas and Chirs also left the band (probably they can't find vocalist to replace Denis). As for the current D&D, I heard Ezekiel left the band couple months ago
  7. judging from the artwork and the preview, this will be good. thanks for the post
  8. checking them out cause you mention "personal purchase", so it must be good. and I like it, looking forward for the album
  9. I see... Glad you point that this is a live version. Just watched it on youtube. Gotta agree with you, they sound pretty similar to the record. Wished they add/change something to make live version sounds different.
  10. glad they still making music. some of them are ex members of Contentions
  11. watched this video before but too busy to check them out. thanks for post this
  12. at first I thought that Nico dude is the one from Alazka haha.. can't wait for the album though
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