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  1. A Broken Silence - All the Way Down (2017)

    thanks gonna check this later. glad they're still making music.
  2. Concepts - Cold (Single) (2017)

    Blake now with Jurnt Entertainment. He's currently working on his EP
  3. Concepts - Cold (Single) (2017)

    i'm fine with the new clean but it's not the same Concepts
  4. Concepts - Cold (Single) (2017)

    nope. it was aaron, the unclean singer. yet, he still in the band. blake left because he want to focus on other project.
  5. Ovtlier - Set The World In Flames (Single) (2017)

    on Alternative Press the vocalist say that they gonna release a new EP with the same name as both of their previous EP, What Doesn't Kill You (the difference between both EP is there's one extra track). hope they won't release the same EP for the third time
  6. Vanish - From Sheep to Wolves [EP] (2017)

    Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills featured on 6th track, Paper House
  7. Inertia - Unlearn (2017)

    fyi, the bassist, Mark Williamson is part of Marcus old band, The Constant. after Marcus joined Northlane, he started new projects; Valea & Inertia
  8. Inertia - Unlearn (2017)

    Thanks! followed the band since Mark (bassist) said he's gonna start another project on facebook. sadly they disband last year
  9. not bad.. not really digging 'Daydreamer', but 'A Greater Danger' sound pretty good
  10. haha.. love the genre, just "What?"
  11. Windwaker - Fade (EP) (2017)

    damn.. good stuff
  12. ay... thanks for the leaks
  13. Speech Patterns - Numb (Single) (2017)

    got me excited for a second there haha I thought they release another single. I already listened this last week, can't wait for their next release
  14. Artwork - Black and White (2016)

    give it a try. not disappoint really dig this band. thanks!