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  1. Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills featured on 6th track, Paper House
  2. fyi, the bassist, Mark Williamson is part of Marcus old band, The Constant. after Marcus joined Northlane, he started new projects; Valea & Inertia
  3. Thanks! followed the band since Mark (bassist) said he's gonna start another project on facebook. sadly they disband last year
  4. not bad.. not really digging 'Daydreamer', but 'A Greater Danger' sound pretty good
  5. haha.. love the genre, just "What?"
  6. damn.. good stuff
  7. ay... thanks for the leaks
  8. got me excited for a second there haha I thought they release another single. I already listened this last week, can't wait for their next release
  9. give it a try. not disappoint really dig this band. thanks!
  10. they're band members from FACT. after they disbanded, three of them formed Shadows and other three formed Joy Opposites (with Imran, ex member of The Amity Affliction)
  11. do they change anything for 'Lights Out', 'Never Again' & 'The Surge' or it's still the same track? imo, those tracks from The Taken EP already sounds good to me
  12. They changed their name last year (before signed to Razor & Tie Records) Facebook post
  13. thanks for the ep kinda sad to know that they gonna broke up