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  1. This is the first YUNGBLUD song I've properly enjoyed, might give the new album a shot when it comes out
  2. Damn, as much as I'm excited to hear the album, that really sucks for them that it leaked so early... make sure we still support the band with pre-orders, digital downloads etc.
  3. This is a massive step up from their other stuff this is absolutely sick, Labrat is probably my favourite VOTS song I've heard
  4. Heard one of these guys songs and really quite enjoyed it so I'll give this a shot
  5. Really enjoyed the last single, hopefully this is awesome too Edit: I reckon I even preferred this they were both sick, stoked for the album
  6. Yeah, that's so early as well, hopefully for their sake it hasn't got too far yet
  7. It's just a news site, not a leak download site
  8. Let me know if you find your way around it
  9. A Day To Remember - Brick Wall (18/11/20) (12pm ET)
  10. This is sick and from what I could make of the lyrics off first listen they also seem way less corny than some of the others
  11. Oh yeah I get what you're saying, my bad
  12. On Spotify the artist name and album name are both in caps
  13. Oooo I like this way more than their last album, wish the vocals were a tiny bit higher in the mix in the chorus tho, but really good song
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