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  1. Awesome. This band used to be one of my favorites as a teen. Too bad Cory LaQuay left the band.
  2. When will these guys release a bad song? Fuck, they're so good
  3. Wow, this is actually good. I don't like the cleans, tho. Still good
  4. This is some weird shit haha. The instrumental is really dope, but that voice ruined it. Like, n*gga, stfu haha It would've been better without the voice
  5. I'm so thankful for this. Ty, KL! I'm downloading this once as soon as i get home. Wow! Can't wait to hear what i think will be the album of the year
  6. A solid 7 out of 10. I'm a little disappointed to know that the released singles are the best tracks but it's a good album.
  7. Another song about being young at 47 years old
  8. Brian's evolution been reaaaally good. This guy never stops surprising me
  9. Awesomeeeeee. I did not expect this one
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