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  1. I wasn't trying to be mean. Damn, so it's him! I knew he was familiar. So he is the new vocalist of Of Mice & Men!!! Wow, he did a big step. Wow.
  2. Is the vocalist that kid from Jamie's Elsewhere?
  3. @ggl3dde pretty much nothing else. Just making music over the same shit Shawn Milke sounds pretty good on this song, tbh
  4. This is the gayest shit I've ever heard, i regret pressing "play" on the link, and I'm probably going to be attacked over some unexisting insecurities but i don't care. This shit is wack. Sorry.
  5. My nigga Tyler is on another level right now
  6. Awesome. This band used to be one of my favorites as a teen. Too bad Cory LaQuay left the band.
  7. When will these guys release a bad song? Fuck, they're so good
  8. Wow, this is actually good. I don't like the cleans, tho. Still good
  9. This is some weird shit haha. The instrumental is really dope, but that voice ruined it. Like, n*gga, stfu haha It would've been better without the voice
  10. I'm so thankful for this. Ty, KL! I'm downloading this once as soon as i get home. Wow! Can't wait to hear what i think will be the album of the year
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