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  1. This new Puddle of Mudd album makes me boogie.
  2. Wow, listening through now and song after song is hit after hit. These guys is SERIOUSLY good at writing songs.
  3. Is this album cover the dogs owner dying and he still imagines him and wishes he was there? Saddest cover of all time?
  4. After listening, this is exactly in my wheelhouse for my favorite taste in music. Pop produced rock, with a bit of heavy here and there. Absolutely loving it.
  5. @desk Maturing can also mean knowing how to write and produce songs that make money by having broader appeal to a larger audience to support their families.
  6. Ok, so I have a question I hope someone knows the answer to. Why are albums put up only in 128 if they are early before leak day? Seems to happen every time. Is this for some legal reason that will keep the site out of trouble? Love to learn why this is.
  7. This is way heavier than I expected. I was hoping the album would be more like the singles. Interesting guitar stuff for sure. Some of the songs feel like they are individual musical sections / ideas thrown together in the same song, and sometimes it doesn't feel like they go together or blend well. Not a bad album at all, but those singles definitely don't give you an idea of what the full album is like.
  8. For a completely indie band this has pretty great production. They have a great sound.
  9. The fact that this guy referred to himself as an artist made me violently puke.
  10. As a huge fan of the album Coming Home, "Stay Awhile" and "More and More" are so good!
  11. These guys really remind me of when Saosin had Cove. That's awesome.
  12. This isn't a re-record it's just the song being released on vinyl for the first time. If that's your thing. Interesting choice to bury a new single behind the title of an old song.
  13. Fantastic Halloween song. Love how dark it is! Not gonna lie, if Linkin Park was to continue this is what they could be doing. I think it would do super well as a come back. It definitely has an LP vibe to it. A full band live version of this song is going to RIP!
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