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  1. She should try selling music next time.
  2. Overall I think I'd give this album an 8/10. I dig most of the songs aside from them deciding to repeat lyrics over and over in some sections, and the random outro parts. They used to make epic outros to connect songs and these are just hollow and don't really do anything. I get that it's characters in a story but they don't take the songs anywhere or build up to the next song really. The only song on the album that was boring to me was Waking Up. I think its incredibly generic and they forgot to write an actual chorus. "Hey let's just repeat waking up over and over, and have no chorus substance." I love them most for creating cinematic rock music and they definitely toned down the cinematic stuff here. I do really like that they toned down his vocal effects, and let his natural voice tone come through. Other Worlds and Diving Bell really show off his tone. It's a great album with a few lazy writing choices here and there.
  3. It's incredible to think the same band put out actually good things like cork tree and infinity, and now we get this.
  4. Teasing the AI cover to remind everyone the last time they were a good band. lol
  5. This song gets better and better every time I hear it. Brass on the chorus and bridge will be awesome to see if they play it live.
  6. I'm hugely bummed that they didn't full band that melody from the outro. If they did that melody full band it would have been the most epic thing they have ever done.
  7. WE FINALLY GET TO HEAR DUSTIN SING!!! O.M.G. THIS IS SO GOOD Too bad it's not actually 320...
  8. So as someone who usually likes her music, I have to say this album is seriously terrible. This is like an album of not good enough b-sides. A few are even cringe-worthy bad.
  9. @k a i y k o I'm aware what both things are. "Auto-tune" is generally used as a blanket statement in the industry. I'm a singer and know exactly what both things are and wasn't complaining about them using it. I love it in their style. So take a step back before you try to start forum arguments like an immature attention seeking troll who assumes they are talking to someone that doesn't know the ins and outs of production. Nobody was complaining about anything.
  10. Anybody have an idea of the lyrics in the chorus? Is he saying "I'm kinda thinkin' like this." I can't figure it out for sure.
  11. Random British accent on the first verse. Ok, Dusty. lol
  12. @Ad0492 This is not even close to his real voice. It's auto-tuned into oblivion. lol But that's the way they have always been. I wanna hear him without it. haha
  13. Great first single! I was hoping for something a bit different in the chorus, but this is everything the band does so well.
  14. @Dust of Pain Underoath has said about a thousand times that they aren't a christian band in promoting Erase Me. Nor do they want to be seen as one. Half of the members aren't Christians as stated by Aaron in recent interviews. So no, Underoath isn't a christian band. If you would like more info about the band and what they believe check out the Bad Christian podcast when they have Aaron on.
  15. @Dust of Pain Also, the lead singer states in interviews that he was raised christian and isn't religious anymore. He only uses the imagery as a metaphor.
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