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  1. I love these vocals. I liked this, but I also just went and listened to his whole discog and this is definitely not quite as good as the other releases by him. Cant believe I havent heard of this project before though. So thanks for posting.
  2. This is a little better than the last track imo. Looking like it's gonna be a killer album
  3. Sounds like the punk/nu-metal radio play songs that came out in the early 2000's. I loved their first album and a decent chunk of the second and third but am not into anon or this style at all. There's plently of bands doing similar stuff to old HLH though so I'm not upset over them doing this new style. I just wont be following anymore, unless someone tells me they drop something super innovative or that sounds more like their older records.
  4. You should check out this album by him. It's not a garuntee you'll like it if you like Snail's. But it's like progressive piano, j-core, kinda stuff with some early future bass influences. And as far as future bass stuff goes I think his release under Ujico called 'Dream Castle' is slightly better than his best stuff under Snail's House as well. You definitely shouldn't sleep on that one.
  5. I personally prefer Snail's other alias Ujico and the more serious sounding stuff, but as far as the bubbly future bass genre goes Snail's House is one of the best at it.
  6. I'm honestly not sure what the people commenting on here realistically want from DGD at this point. Not saying you guys are wrong for disliking or not being as interested in it, opinions are opnions and all that, but this has a little of it all... The intro/verses are like the best parts of Instant Gratification, the part with Jon before the chorus sounds very much like Acceptance Speech Jon, the chorus is pretty unique for DGD while also being catchy, the post-chorus parts with Jon and Tilian screaming is straight from Mothership (and sounds a little like Self-Titled as well), the funky break with the sick drumming and basslines (and bongos... Because why not) sounds like a mix between something from ArSe and Happiness, the constant, nonstop, sick riffs from Will through the whole song, Tilian's screams sound sick (and like he isn't killing his voice this time like on Mothership). The only thing I would've wanted from this song is if after the last chorus they brought the post chorus part with jon/tilly screaming back (with a little variation to the rythym or something). Edit: I said 'Realistically' want from dgd. I know some of yall wan't dbm 3 with jonny lol. But I'm genuinely curious what fans think is missing from this track.
  7. I did. And liked it. I get why you said spoken word, but it was not what I was expecting from someone saying that. Not my favorite style of screams, but the cleans are gorgeous.
  8. O Oh no... I heard the last single and was hyped for this. Hopefully there isn't too much spoken word... I personally can't stand most spoken word stuff. I'm still gonna give it a go. And I always have an open mind.
  9. I'm personally not feeling this one as much. Not bad or anything. Just not really for me. Looking forward to the album though. The Sin & The Sentence was good.
  10. I thought I was gonna hate it based on those comments. Spoken word stuff is an instant dislike for me. But other than that section I dig the song a lot. Video has no right to be as simply unsettling as it is.
  11. Skipped to like the 6 min mark of the youtube link, listened to a bit, and then read these two comments. It sounded like something I would REALLY enjoy. Really hype to listen to this when I get home
  12. Sergio Medina. Featured guitarist on a few tracks on this album including this one. He plays in a lot of other related bands: Stolas, Royal Coda, and is now a member of Eidola. The main guitar sound in the beginning sounds very much like something he would write.
  13. It's opinions, my comment honestly didn't really have a reason to compare bands. tbh, I just wanted to say a new Eidola is coming. I personally do love Eidola's sound/songwriting more but that's besides the point. It's not like they are competing
  14. Sergio plucking and fingering like a god. Tilian singing some lower stuff. Dark haunting chorus. Jon's lyrics crazy as usual. Sick outro. I dig it.
  15. Well... Eidola does have an album coming soon. I loved this release, and Satyr deserve to become a powerhouse in this scene, but being honest with myself if Eidola's is even half as good as their last two albums then this won't even be close to it in my opinion
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