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  1. Uhhh... Sometimes?. They have some unique song structures so it's not really something I can answer yes or no to, Lots of songs they do both during the choruses and verses. Some songs are all cleans, there's one with an all screamed chorus. If you are looking for more unique song structures then you should definitely give Degeneraterra a listen first. And if you like it then check out the rest Edit: a few songs dont even have a distinguishable chorus or verses tbh. It's just 'parts'
  2. They also posted a few now deleted snippets awhile back. The first one had one of the grooviest riffs/breakdown-ish-thingy? I've heard from them yet. And the other had some nasty unclean vocals over some ridiculously tight drumming.
  3. Some of the best post-hardcore/prog rock around. Unless something happens and they scrap it (highly unlikely) according to the lead singer there's a Jon Mess (DGD) feature on this next album. People close to the band have given extremely high praise to what they've heard so far from it.
  4. Fantastic album, extremely catchy and well written with some experimental sections that shine. Also after a full listen there are some tracks on here mixed and mastered better than others. Like Elsewhere, Earfquake, and one other sound way cleaner, with crunchier guitars that dont overpower the rest. The other tracks have some weird balancing problems. The lead guitar cuts way too much into everything else going on, and the screams sound like they are in front of you rather than integrated into the rest of the mix at some points. Just some weird inconsistencies. The mix definitely isnt bad enough to skip or get all worked up about though.
  5. Yes, I believe one of the same guitarists too Dang... How many listens did you give that album? Because I sorta thought the same thing after one or two listenthroughs, but now am fully on board with it.
  6. Oh boy, here we go this album is gonna be nuts. Edit: 1 track in and while it was extremely good, I feel like the mixing/mastering is slightly less than it could've been (especially given how well mixed Valiant Hearts' album was and they share band mates)
  7. This was sorta in depth tbh. Pedi-shit as in a pedicure is the only surface double. This scheme is probably a shot at a youtube rapper named dax considering he has freestyled over several em songs (and tells em to call him at the beginning of all of them), Called himself Daxnos (I know corny as hell), used to be a janitor hence the plumbing part, and had someone else call him out for painting his toes. So... There's quite a lot of content there. I hope you got the draino bar... Not great or anything, but something. Also Beat knocks like a beefed up Detox. Detox is the name of an unreleased project of Dre's if my memory serves right. And this beat was also worked on by Dre. It also being a detox fits in with the previous scheme about plumbing and draino.
  8. The distortion on the guitars near the end of the bridge immediately reminded me of Car Bomb. Edit: Honestly on relisten the entire mix sounds sorta like car bombs guitars on Mordial
  9. Im pretty sure the vocalist did the art for Odyssey, I wonder if he did this art as well. I love the color choice. Also the album is gonna be nuts.
  10. 1. Valiant Hearts - Odyssey 2. Thank You Scientist - Terraformer 3. Young Medicine - Interlinked 4. Kitsune - Nothing Makes Me Happy Anymore 5. Au5 - Divinorum 6. Periphery - IV: Hail Stan 7. Shrezzers - Relationships 8. Fatal F.E. - Music of The Spheres 9. Dayseeker - Sleeptalk 10. Ihlo - Union
  11. The entire month of April is 4/20
  12. From what I've heard Will & Jon dont even really like the majority of WISIRO anymore. Tilian has praised it's inventiveness, but also said it's the one older project he hasn't listened to regularly. They might do something with it (I wouldn't put it past them with all the fanservice lately), but don't get your hopes up.
  13. Also for those wondering Rise already issued a statement saying WISIRO wont be getting an instrumental version. They said Kris Crummet and Rise did a lot of work digging, mixing, and in some cases rerecording stems to make these last two, and they barely have any of WISIRO's original stems and raw tracks to work with.
  14. ^ the parts where Jonny and Jon are both doing vocals at the same time would be quite tricky. Especially without muddying the sound. It's "do-able", but it wouldn't be perfect for sure.
  15. This is insane... Based off of the single and artwork I expected this to be kinda cheesy and overly done, but it sounded great front to back. If you like electronicore definitely check this out. Honestly... If you hate metal and listen to only edm stuff I still recommend giving this album at least one listenthrough, there's a few songs and moments you would still probably like a lot. A few tracks in I was hoping the album would mellow out for a bit and it did (with Tsunami; one of the best instrumental songs I've heard in awhile. Sounded like Arch Echo meets Virtual Self meets a classic sonic ost) The album does a complete 180 and drops some amazing mainly edm songs after that. And then returns to the crazy style of the first few tracks to close it out.
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