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  1. I remember when these instrumentals came out and even though they didnt need it, I was thinking they would probably do really well with vocals. These turned out great
  2. Dang that's a little disappointing to hear that anyone tried to have a hand in Eidola's track order, they are one of the most creative bands in the scene atm, they should just be let be to do whatever in my opinion. Also, surprisingly, beside's the singles, Calentamiento Global is one of the most listened to on the album at the moment. Even if the intention wasn't solely to capitalize on the spanish speaking market, I think they definitely knew it would. It sort of makes sense if Swan is looking at it from a marketing angle and trying to bring in the most new listeners, even if it's weird to hear that early for the existing DGD fanbase.
  3. Most bands in the genre used to put their more acceptable songs early on and their crazier out there stuff near the end of the album, lately I've seen a lot of the opposite. The flashy weird songs go close to beginning and the more acceptable stuff later (Shrezzer's album is a good example with the egyptian sounding and hip hop influenced tracks right out the gate). It's a weird shift that I personally am ok with since I listen to albums in full even if Im not thoroughly enjoying it, but I'm sure it's turned off a few people. It must have an upside though since it's happening more frequently.
  4. You'd probably like Ultraviolet by him a lot if you haven't listened to that one yet. He sorta releases in two different styles: one is more math rock and the other is more like the fusion of styles on this album. Ultraviolet is a lot like this one.
  5. I am dissapointed by only seeing a couple people saying I Am Abomination's newest. 1.) I Am Abomination - Passion II 2.) Blueshift - Voyager 3.) So Soon, The Truth - Were You Ever Really There? 4.) Galleons - Metropolis 5.) Corelia - New Wilderness (this shouldn't really even count, and it sucks the way the album got released, but man is it still good.) 6.) Dance Gavin Dance - Afterburner That's all I have heard so far that have a high chance of staying in the top 10. As far as EP's go: 1.) Inertia - Connexion (this is a must listen for fans of modern more melodic metalcore) 2.) Ever Eden - Illumine (super underrated and unique sounding metalcore) 3.) Tanajae - Half Moon (female fronted. instrumentals are FFO: Ben Rosett, Strawberry Girls, Chon) 4.) Nova Charisma - Exposition III
  6. Ben might be too ahead of the curve. This Neo-Soul, Math Rock, Future Bass combo he has is seriously unique. I'm glad Strawberry Girls is doing pretty well in the genre, but I hope his solo stuff blows up, because it deserves it. I feel like a lot of different audiences would listen to this stuff if he could just get that little popularity push. Can a massive pop/trap artist just sample his music already?
  7. Yea. I figured it meant it would be more in the style of Ben Rosett's solo stuff, but this is just a Strawberry Girls track lol. I don't know why they didn't just call it that.
  8. Zach Garren from Strawberry Girls + Ben Rosett is basically the best instrumental collab the genre could ask for as far as my personal tastes go, but this track is a little less than I was hoping for. I like it a lot, and it fits right at home with the Strawberry Girls discog, I just wish it had a little bit more of the plucky arps in Rosett's music all throughout the song. The intro had me really hyped for some arpy goodness, but then it turned into riffy goodness... If that makes sense. Still a great track.
  9. Someone on reddit just put up an oustanding mix/master
  10. Thank you for listing album covers for me to check out
  11. Kids bop my ass, this is an Adult Bop. Might as well have called it a remix. Edit: "Kids bop my ass" should never be quoted without context. This edit is to potentially save me from flac later, Im not talking about the audio format.
  12. I had to come back after multiple relistens. This album is insane. Imagine what could've been. This is such a bittersweet way for such a triumphant sounding album to come out. I can imagine if things had went accordingly going to see them and belting the mid section to Esper Voyage live with the whole crowd...
  13. Regardless of how this whole situation was handled, these guys are phenomenal songwriters. Three songs in and this is incredible. They should've been massive. Edit: Demo or not, mix being bad or not, after three tracks this is on course for one of my favorite releases so far this year. I wasn't even a massive fan of the EP. I love all the instruments and synths and 'stuff' they are bringing in. The mix and somewhat not fully recorded bits actually just makes it feel like a proggy classic rock album.
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