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  1. The thing about a lot of these electronic artist & metal band collabs coming out is they are way more geared to electronic fans than metal ones. You are way more likely to get an edm fan into metal with these tracks than you are to get a metalhead into edm. I feel like the biggest problem is the drops are almost always jarring and dont blend as well as they could've. As an edm fan I've been into most of the collabs myself, but this one lost me at the drop, there wasn't enough of an impact after the screams and it felt really hollow sounding. If they had layered a deep guitar/bass under it I think it would've went a long way at making this a much better track.
  2. Super unique, even when compared to their other albums. The new band members fit in really well on this album. It's got a lot of songs that didn't immediately catch me like some of their older works, but after a few more listens they really start to get stuck in your head. The longer songs are pretty nice and for the most part gives them time to tone it down and give you nice mellow sections in between the technicality. There was only one track that I felt went on a little longer than it needed to, and it still made my favorites playlist. There's something about the mixing/mastering that bugs me a little bit and I can't quite figure out what it is, but it's certainly not bad by any means. If you are expecting this to sound exactly like maps or stranger heads then you will probably be a bit dissappointed at first, but give the songs some time before you start throwing out ratings. Edit: Going back on my previous statement of the mix bugging me, I'm fully on board with it now. It's different than the last two albums for sure, but it's probably better at times if I'm being honest.
  3. This is awesome... 100% gonna follow this band
  4. My 2018 instrumental contenders were: Sithu Aye - Homebound Scoredatura - Honest Oblivion Polyphia - New Levels, New Devils Andromida - Voyager Night Verses - From The Gallery of Sleep Sloth & Turtle - Sloth & Turtle EP Night Verses definately had my favorite overall album, all of the others had one or two songs I spun a lot more though.
  5. Yep, enjoyed it a lot. I'd have to look back at the releases on my computer, but it's the only one I can remember really getting into from last year. So it's probably my favorite from that year.
  6. This is looking like my instrumental pick for AOTY. I don't think anybody is topping this for awhile. It's gonna end up pretty high on my overall list as well. With instrumental stuff it takes a lot longer for me to really fully digest it, so I'm not gonna say right out the gate it's better than their debut, but it certainly was just as fun of a first listenthrough.
  7. Bilmuri has found the best possible style for their sound... It's driving enough to listen to it while working, calm enough to sleep too, intricate enough for when I'm just listening to music... they nailed it again. If they keep releasing projects like this they will definately be climbing into my favorites
  8. The feature with Spencer is huge! I've never been big into the new wave of riddim dubstep, so I wish we had more of the style in that song for sure. There are one or two other standout tracks, and all of the verses are pretty good, but mostly the riddim styled stuff for the drops. Those songs certainly aren't bad for their style though. Great upload
  9. A good 50-65% of their Self-Titled LP is similar to lightning. I suggest just listening to it in full
  10. Secret Band is a project including the drummer, guitarist, and screamer of Dance Gavin Dance with the addition of one of DGD's former bass players and Martin Bianchini on guitar. The screamer's name is Jon Mess. In Dance Gavin Dance's newest single one of his lines was "Bless this Mess".
  11. Glad to see the lineup changes didn't change them entirely, or much at all for that matter. The guitar tone is interesting, certainly not bad, I can't tell if I like it more than the Stanger Heads Prevail tone. This one sounds more distorted and almost more grunge sounding. The vocals definately remind me of coheed a few times on this track.
  12. I usually pick my AOTY by genre and as of now this holds the EDM spot for me. The vocal features are great, the sound design on the dubstep parts, the psytrance elements. The intro track reminds me of the Subnautica soundtrack. All of it is A+ in my book. This May Au5 is dropping an album though, and his style is very similar. In the past I've leaned more towards his releases, so we'll see if this album has competition when that drops
  13. Nice! This has some pretty unique riffing, and a really good bass tone. The vocalist is quite good, maybe slightly less effects on his cleans would be nice. At the end of the first verse where he transitioned from cleans to screams sounded clean. Added to my list of releases to look into.
  14. Oh... OH... OK. That was worth the listen. Bookmarked for later.
  15. These features are insane. 1. Transcendency 2. Mayday (ft. Modestep) 3. Break Em 4. We are the free (ft. The Art Is Murder) 5. Ultima (ft. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) 6. Crash & Burn (ft. Northlane) 7. Insanity 8. Cadence 9. Digital (ft. Spencer Sotelo of Periphery) 10. Demon Hunter (ft. Subtronics) 11. Lost (ft. Koven) 12. Headstone 13. Aurora
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