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  1. I wasn't too big a fan of their last EP, but I enjoyed everything else they released, and this single is pretty good. So looking forward to this album.
  2. oh! Never heard of these guys, but I love this sound. Definitely checking out their other stuff
  3. I'm honestly kind of bummed. It isn't bad, I will definitely listen to it here and there, but Incarnate gave me high hopes. I loved how they tried a bunch of more slightly progressive things on that album: cool time signatures, weird song structures, and overall a lot of dynamics. I feel like this album is more 'safe'. I guess that's what I get for expecting any album to be a part 2 to a previous one. I really do love Unleashed though... (which kinda makes me mad at myself for listening to the single and expecting every song to be that good)
  4. This is pretty sick, really reminds me of Tonedeff's album 'Polymer'
  5. This is outstanding. You're gonna have your metalheads who can't stand an ounce of something different bash this for the electronics for sure, but this album is so unique. I was starting to get tired of all the metal/edm crossovers beacuse most of them had pretty bassic riddim/dubstep drops. This album has some extremely varied electronic elements, and that makes it so much more enjoyable. I wasn't thinking 'oh god... here comes the mediocre drop', I was looking forward to what style Kayzo was gonna bring in next. If you aren't an EDM fan in the slightest this album is definately not for you, but if you are on the fence, seriously give this album a try.
  6. They probably both help with the writing and both wanted to be involved. When they perform live they can harmonize and overlap without a backing track or altering the sound much because they can alternate breaths and 'punch in' over each other.
  7. I've hesrd of these guys before, but never heard a track by them. This was pretty good, especially that bridge/mid section
  8. I absolutely love how bouncy the guitar was on this album; so freaking fun to listen to. On a seperate note, I hope they don't stop the instrumentals at the Tilian era, I would love to see them do the whole discog.
  9. I'm only 4 tracks in and man... NFs always had a good flow, but his wordplay, lyrics, charisma, tone and beats have all improved massively.
  10. It's kinda hard to make everyone happy unless you released acoustics to everything. He picked a lot of his most popular songs/fan favorite songs. Aqua, Adecentcupofcoffee, Lens and Timing are all some of his biggest songs. And then he did ilovebeer... Which is admittedly kinda weird considering it was a pretty mellow/chill song already.
  11. He said his new album is coming in December. He's gonna try to continue two albums a year. If anybody knows of or finds a place to buy flac for this ep, please let me know.
  12. Unless it is to be assumed that this was an older prophetic saying that accurately judges our current state of life.
  13. Man... His punches and wordplay wasn't ever really anything crazy in the past, but he has genuinely improved so much it's crazy. It's weird to have a mostly lyrical rapper constantly get lyrically better as they get bigger, that doesn't happen often.
  14. The thing about a lot of these electronic artist & metal band collabs coming out is they are way more geared to electronic fans than metal ones. You are way more likely to get an edm fan into metal with these tracks than you are to get a metalhead into edm. I feel like the biggest problem is the drops are almost always jarring and dont blend as well as they could've. As an edm fan I've been into most of the collabs myself, but this one lost me at the drop, there wasn't enough of an impact after the screams and it felt really hollow sounding. If they had layered a deep guitar/bass under it I think it would've went a long way at making this a much better track.
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