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  1. This honestly the best deathcore I've heard all year.
  2. Got to say, I'm pretty excited about these lists.
  3. This is sick! Yeah, I would definitely like more.
  4. Super cool to see everyone loving this. I've enjoyed everything you've done, but this definitely your best sounding work yet. @Michael this is Ethan Staley from Facebook by the way. Cool to see that you're here too.
  5. How did I miss this?? They released some of the hardest hitting tunes I heard all last year. Glad to finally have more! Thank you!
  6. For those interested, I tried to find the tracks that are most like "metal" songs. -Slayer Gates -Super Gore Nest -The Only Thing They Fear is You 1 & 2 -BFG 10,000 -Demons on Mars (it's more just super heavy industrial) -Gladiator (again, heavy industrial) -Creatures of Nekravol -Refined Energy (industrial) Thank you @serafina for sharing this cool project.
  7. Had no idea he had a solo project of just his phenomenal drumming. Really looking forward to diving into this.
  8. Very nice return to form for Tycho. I've always preferred the more chill atmospheric side of his material.
  9. @NieR:Automata™ We're good, man. I see what you're saying, and yes, it could be true. I don't tend to mind when artists just crank out material, though. If they're comfortable enough to do it, it gives people a chance to hear it all and decide what they like. He's released a few "throwaway" tracks and I thought they were some of his better material.
  10. I could hardly sleep last night because I was so excited for this! Thank you @Summers ! I think big fans, like myself, would completely disagree. He's putting in work and it'll pay off big time in the end.
  11. @DaddyMac @Summers Believe me, it didn't stop me from downloading and listening to it. It's some of the best Tech Death I've listened to in a long time.
  12. I actually really appreciate these posts, even if they can be slightly disappointing.
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