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  1. Huh... okay?? This going to be another Ghost, Ghost B.C. issue. Nevertheless, they stay Kublai Khan on my computer.
  2. I'm completely blown away by both these tracks. These guys aren't messing around this time. Everyone needs to buckle up because they're coming at us like a Mack truck.
  3. This is gonna rule! Can't wait to check it out. The singles were monstrous.
  4. Anyone else having cracking/popping sound issues in some of the tracks?
  5. The ending of Pelt of Innocent Flesh. 3:20-3:55 into Blasphemian. 6:55 until the end of same track. 4:35 into Unholy Gravebirth. I guess I'm talking more about the slam type of vocals and gutturals. He just seems to do them A LOT LESS on this new record, which is bummer for me.
  6. His lows on that EP weren't great either. They sounded... off.
  7. Where are all the ridiculous gutturals and lows? I'm still holding the belief that Dickie can't do them anymore.
  8. Damn! They settled into a groove from the start and put this motherfucker to work. Loved it!
  9. This is a fucking jam! Nice work!
  10. These first two songs are outstanding! This will probably be my album of the year.
  11. Indeed it is. Please fix! I'm digging this song a lot.
  12. Depressive ambient?? I fully endorse this genre.
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