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  1. One of the best Downtempo bands in the scene right now. The atmosphere in this track is suffocating.
  2. Been waiting for this for a long time. Hope it's just as devastating as the singles have made it out to be.
  3. So vicious it's just unfair to the rest of the genre. Metalcore just went up a level.
  4. Cringy partycore! It's like a bad slasher film. There's practically nothing redeemable, but I still like it. Those rappy highs and drum kicks sound sick.
  5. I'm right there with you. This isn't bad by any means, I just wish it had more THALL.
  6. Can you link? Those other two tracks are awesome!
  7. All I can say is nice experimental effort. Pathetic is cool but I'm very lukewarm on the material here as a whole.
  8. While I haven't finished yet, I would agree that this is better than Dying Sun. Definitely going to be jamming this for weeks.
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