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  1. @ziptone This track very much sparked my interest in you guys. So, nonetheless, I'm keen to hear whatever else you guys came up with. I'll have my eye out on KL for your stuff. I shared your track to my Deathcore & Beyond Facebook group. Hopefully, it will give you guys a bit more traffic.
  2. This song hit every one of my sweet spots. Production is soooo punchy! Hope all the tracks on the album are this heavy and aggressive.
  3. And these guys remain the reigning kings of the genre. I would even go as far as to say they're getting better, which is astonishing.
  4. This is the first Within Destruction record I've enjoyed all the way through. While it's not perfect by any means, I believe this different style/sounds fits them well. It certainly doesn't feel as forced as Deathwish.
  5. More than well deserved!! Congratulations and please keep up the tremendous work. I'm eternally grateful for it.
  6. I'm going ape shit over this track right now. Brutal as hell!
  7. This honestly the best deathcore I've heard all year.
  8. Got to say, I'm pretty excited about these lists.
  9. This is sick! Yeah, I would definitely like more.
  10. Super cool to see everyone loving this. I've enjoyed everything you've done, but this definitely your best sounding work yet. @Michael this is Ethan Staley from Facebook by the way. Cool to see that you're here too.
  11. How did I miss this?? They released some of the hardest hitting tunes I heard all last year. Glad to finally have more! Thank you!
  12. For those interested, I tried to find the tracks that are most like "metal" songs. -Slayer Gates -Super Gore Nest -The Only Thing They Fear is You 1 & 2 -BFG 10,000 -Demons on Mars (it's more just super heavy industrial) -Gladiator (again, heavy industrial) -Creatures of Nekravol -Refined Energy (industrial) Thank you @serafina for sharing this cool project.
  13. Had no idea he had a solo project of just his phenomenal drumming. Really looking forward to diving into this.
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