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  1. Cannot stop listening to this. I was hyped for the album before, but now I just can't contain myself. LOVED Bleed Into Me. I'm not usually big on the more radio-friendly Trivium songs, but this one felt special, kinda Endless Night meets The Revanchist.
  2. Absolutely agree, but some friends of mine think I'm nuts when I go from stuff like Emperor to Michael Jackson in a blink of an eye haha
  3. This is a difficult one, narrowing it down to ten, but I'll try my best. In no particular order: King Crimson The Mars Volta Return to Forever Jeff Buckley Trivium Tesseract Faith No More Michael Jackson Emperor Dissection A weird list, I know. Edit: Not even gonna try highlighting just one album of each band, that's just impossible for me with most of them.
  4. Holy shit, this album is going to be crazy good. Both songs so far are A+
  5. Some more jazz/jazz fusion would be lovely.
  6. Reminds me a bit of some of the early Omar Rodríguez-López solo stuff. Really digging this.
  7. That is early, holy shit. Thank you very much!
  8. Damn, that's early. Thank you very much, I was looking forward to this release.
  9. I absolutely love this. Brilliant, just brilliant.
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