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  1. Quite an interesting release, at times jazzy, at times funky, at times experimental, never dull. Really enjoying this.
  2. New Vinnie, lovely as always. He's one of the very best.
  3. This is giving me some Björk vibes, digging it.
  4. Lovely. Hoping to see them live again some time soon, Teri is amazing.
  5. Cool song. The new EP is looking fine.
  6. Been waiting for this one to drop, it should be awesome. EDIT: It absolutely is.
  7. Well, they're definitely not gonna reinvent the wheel with this one, but it's pretty cool nonetheless.
  8. Love Jeff's playing, thank you for the upload.
  9. Holy shit, that was amazing. Jeff is back with a vengeance, superb album.
  10. Really enjoyed that, nice work! Waiting for that EP to drop as of now.
  11. Their first two records were nothing sort of phenomenal, so I'm expecting nothing less from this one.
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