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  1. Whats this the auto tune in the intro That sht is anti rock The guy has a good voice Why ruin it like that...
  2. Can someone upload the cover please It's not loading
  3. ???are seriously ben? Whats his fav tatoo ;p
  4. 21th and aurora hasnt been leaked yet 

    What's going on lol ((Panic))


  5. How is it possible that the album hasnt leaked yet its only 7days left Damn
  6. how did he do collab with garbage musicians and not put our last night one of thw wbst band out there that made solid pop covers while they were not even a pop band
  7. @LinaK ye idk maybe we'll have to wait a few days FLAC is there tho
  8. this album is phenomenal so much emotions bring me back to the olden metalcore days but with the digital era idk what brings me more tears on each passionated solo they fact about the lyrical songs or the fact what the band been through specially the vocalist
  9. mhm this isnt 320kbps but fucking thanks for the upload
  10. lol when you know the story behind 13years of desperation
  11. oh my world im totally speechless the first time i heard the first tool song for the album was alright kinda dissapointed tbh consider it was 13years wait but as the album progress from pneuma to 7tempest holy trip man feels like my first lsd experience again back when i was a teen and dig down into their albums while i was tripping aswel for pink floyd etc tool has mature their sound and still have their core of energy and emotiojs my favorite song so far is 7empest... spechless its been a while since i heard a solo that great since todays digital era sounds are blended and lacks empathy and emotion from their writters and honestly shed some tears of joy while listening to this and eventhough the digital tracks complete 10 songs it was kinda nice they use 7 as a refference for their old work so for sure 13years paid off cant wait for the 3hidden digital tracks
  12. you mean 20th thats the official release
  13. you must have lived under a rock lol this band was well known back in 2012 festivals idk much for american but amon amarth is wel known in europe
  14. another high pitch band with auto tune . yep had to be hopeless recorss
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