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  1. this start is like the song My Damnation by Chelsea Grin
  2. Today they released the original Astral Rejection. That's cool! But, what about Caterpillars Sex? Apparently, our grandchildren will read about it in history books.
  3. @humbleledger I incorrectly expressed my thought, I agree
  4. @Gandalfstorm Apparently, I did not say so Yes, the album is heavy, but there are also a few alternative songs. I do not know why everyone exploded from my words I had no purpose to offend the fans
  5. @humbleledger no i just pay attention to all its aspects, lol
  6. @Prototype539 most likely they mean song = album
  7. they are the same, but at the same time very different good sound, i like it
  8. each their new song makes me happy incredible!
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