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  1. 1. For Today 2. Architects 3. I Killed The Prom Queen 4. August Burns Red 5. Memphis May Fire 6. Of Mice & Men 7. The Devil Wears Prada 8. Bring Me The Horizon 9. Bad Omens 10. Beartooth
  2. Ok, this is the proof of a band with many energy in melodies, instrumental, the mixed of this album, and all this production have been a great impression to my first listen, I have many favorites from this album, it's classical, it's original, it's a big indenpent album, it's a gift from the fans who loves OBAR, UWHF, and any other heavy album of this band, absolutely, one of my favorites
  3. ¡¡I like this song!, but prefer the self-titled to me
  4. Really Banger!!!, great single, one of my favorites with Sever, From The Ashes, and The Evening Hate
  5. I can add any song of this album into my birthday playlist, just amazing...
  6. Pretty decent, better than The Violence too, much powerfull & energy, my favorite from this album yet.
  7. Not bad, but it could be better... (it's nothing unexpected, it was very predictable) unpopular opinion, i know
  8. This song is a BOOM!!! in my mind, really classic, really Innocence & Instinct and Of Beauty & Rage , and i LOVE IT!!, really great, better than the preview makes me think, just... AMAZING!!!, Tomorrow i will be Stream this song all the day, and next days too
  9. I'm really excited for this album, it's weird to known that there are only 10 tracks, but like first independent album, is cool & acceptable (with cool & acceptable, i say... amazing)
  10. IDK, but this chorus sounds like "Send me Home" of Asking Alexandria
  11. My Top 10: 1. Crown The Empire - Sudden Sky 2. Sleeping With Sirens - How It Feels To Be Lost 3. Of Mice & Men . EARTHANDSKY 4. AJR - Neotheater 5. Bring Me The Horizon - amo 6. I Prevail - TRAUMA 7. half·alive - Now, Not Yet 9. Skillet - Victorious 10. The Devil Wears Prada - The Act EP'S: 1. RED - The Evening Hate 2. PVRIS - Hallucinations nothing more guys... Happy New Year
  12. I love it, the sound is acceptable, is a independent production, is a new beginning, just, i'm still waiting more of RED new album :).
  13. Thankss!!!!, is very great like the click, obviously, is other way. i1m happy for the tour
  14. It's a good single, i'm waiting for this all the time :), Great band!!
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