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  1. Was on a road trip with a friend of mine and he blasted this album now I gotta have it
  2. I found these guys last summer and really dig their sound. Excited to blast this in the weightroom tomorrow
  3. Really excited to hear this one. Loved the first 4 albums then lost interest until silence in the snow and really enjoyed the direction they went with the sin and the sentence
  4. Yeah their music has definitely become more pop metal over the years compared to the earlier work but still gonna give this record a try. Don't expect much though
  5. Can't stop thinking about if song titles are protected by trademark laws
  6. I love Youngbloods (and earlier) era TAA and this track makes me happy
  7. It was alright. Still excited for the rest of the album
  8. Really happy that my music can be featured on this site for everyone to have a chance to hear, for free
  9. sharing 1st impression of the songs nobody heard yet >Electronics on Code gave off Celldweller vibes and that was alright >Thoughts and Prayers + Another Life are real good >Broadcasting is pretty quirky and neat sort of a musical version of all the cool goth art you see on ig/tumblr >Headache felt like a nod to 90s/2000s nu metal. I was wondering when they were gonna do an original of that style after seeing them cover SOAD/LP/etc. >Wasn't impressed by Legacy, generic arena type song. >Catharsis = ok sort of like Hourglass from last album Think its a good album but I wish they got a heavier more often and had more screams/growling
  10. Absolutely motivated to finally hear new MIW
  11. Liked it))) but hoping for more songs like Undead Ahead 2. Still very excited for this album!))
  12. Excited for this one! Been trying to write heavier music lately and these guys are definitely on my playlist
  13. This is gonna be the best day of my all out life
  14. Welcome to phase 2 of hearing your favourite bands on roadrunner, the "not terrible but could be way better phase" I hope the money's worth it, good on them for succeeding financially though. Looking forward to when they leave and go back to making heavy music rather than target audience pop metal.
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